Subject: Uptick and short selling

July 15, 2008

To whom it may concern:

Would you consider restoring the up-tick rule? The market is wildly volatile and American institutions are falling - in light of the fact there are huge foreign investments in U.S. stock and terrorists are still free and active - it occurs to me that allowing short sellers to borrow stock and sell it, and manipulate the market with rumors, is a threat to national security - if, indeed, as I do, feel that not repeating the Great Depression is a matter of national security. I remember hearing in grade school how the margin selling brought down the market in 1929. Now it's so much more complex - but please consider this common sense measure, Kudos for curbing the 'naked' short selling - consider that if one American banking institution falls, surely another will fill the void, and enemies of America have lots of money these days!


Denise M. Jensen
U.S. Citizen
Waukesha, Wisconsin