Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Robert E Bonhivert
Affiliation: Victem of naked shorting and hoping for Justice to prevail

July 27, 2008

AS you are well aware n.s. will ruin the market. Period. Bring back the uptick rule now. I have shares in LDK SOLAR and I have seen trades on level 2 that defy logic 2 trades and its down 5 percent 6 trades and its up 1 percent, the mm is obviously choosing the direction it can go untill the pressure to raise is out of his discretion. This stock has been on the sho list so long retail buyers are staying away, enough allready let the real market decide pps. The last 2 weeks of low volume could be all phantom shares maybe you could pick a random sample and see if there is legit paper behind it. I doubt you will find any. Current share holders are aware of the plants activities and they are good. Sector rotation out of solar is expected with the banks drawing attention with wild chaotic swings, none the less LDK has increased naked shorting when all sources indicate there are none to short with, that means only one thing, phantoms are being generated rapidly, the creeps involved feel untouchable. Send a signal Grab a crook and shake him publically the rest will get the message in minutes. help help help help