Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Karim Fikri
Affiliation: Software Engineer

July 26, 2008

The markets have become a joke, so many loopholes to screw investors and the watchdogs are turning a blind eye. I'm seriously considering pulling all my $ out, including my 401K unless laws are enforced and this circuis is shut-down. Naked shorting is simply a way to create unlimited supply of shares, supply-demand forces are out the window, it's a shame for the regulators to see this going on for such a long time and only do something about it when so many $ have been 'stolen'. Just look at Coeur (CDE), 75 million shares shorted in a bull market, the manipulation is so obvious. The regulators have become a joke on pretty much all message boards. Just take a look at what investors are saying all over the message boards about the market/hedge funds/watchdogs and you know that there virtually no trust left in this 'rigged' marketplace. When trust disappears, so will the US markets.
Enough talk, do something about it, and please not just the financials (banks etc...)
I truely hope so.