Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: David S. Harkness
Affiliation: Retired financial planner and minister

July 25, 2008

Your turning a blind eye to what naked shorting is doing to ourderly markets is as blatantly wrong as a group of armed policemen sitting on a park bench watching a bank robbery and letting them drive off with all the money without even caring.
What does it take for you to wake up and realize that naked shorting is stealing from people who thought our monetary markets were regulated by the SEC and ultimately by the president and congress?
Just for an example, LDK Solar, a Chinese ADR trading on the NYSE (symbol LDK), has 15.5 million shares shorted. It is near the IPO price of 16 months ago. The shorts, presumably hedge funds, continue to short although there are no known shares available to borrow. They are doing everything possible to destroy this fine company engaged in a very successful "green earth" project. There is no telling how many other companies are suffering from illegal naked shorting. Your taking steps NOW to stop this is as important as your admirable move to save some of our large banks. Please do something Thank you.