Subject: File No. S7-19-07
From: Michael Zanni

July 24, 2008

I posted my own personal comments on July 22nd. I see you still haven't updated your site to reflect all the new comments. Something else to sweep under the rug I guess.

I am here to comment on another post made by Mugabe Abu. He entered his comments here earlier this year. I would include the link to them but don't trust you enough not to erase his comments. Since I won't post the link, I will have placed a copy of his comments below. I have also sent a copy to Senator Jack Reed's office as well. I would like to commend you on a job well done. I wish I could give you all the credit for for this but I know it wouldn't be fair to others such as the DTCC, our US Government, all the market makers, brokers, dealers, banks, and ANYONE else who ever sold/processed Naked Short Share Sales. We are now the OFFICIAL LAUGHING STOCK OF THE INVESTING WORLD GREAT JOB PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS AND MARKETS You have MUCH to be proud of. Here are the comments that WILL be heard, seen, read, and DISTRIBUTED AROUND THE WORLD FOR ALL THE WOLRD TO SEE. Smile for the camera...

Subject: File No. S7-08-08

From: Mugabe Abu, Esquire

Affiliation: International Entrepeneur

sub.: Permit for selling self printed stock shares of different companies.

Dear SEC authority,

My Name is Mugabe Abu. I am Nigerian investor and I am very interested for getting the permit for selling self printed shares of different, on the Wall Street noticed, companies.

Since this practice to sell something what you do not have is legal in US I would like also to participate in this program.

We Nigerians know very well this practice of selling something what we do not have, but we did not make it with the securities, so far.

Since printing of US dollars is illegal, I will be really interested for printing and selling fake securities as many make it in US. You call it very nice naked (fake) shorts. Your explanation of this procedure is very nice and I appreciate it very much and I am your admirer.

I see that some people who get permit from you have printed so many fake securities that such company like CALM has even over 100% shorts. Others like DNDN, CORS, CCRT (only few samples) are also extremely diluted. I would like to help you to make it even more. I see still big opportunity to print more fake shares of big companies.

It is almost so easy business like printing fake US dollars but I see, in opposite to printing fake dollar, this business is full legal and you can sell these fake securities for anybody in the world and you do not need to ask the applicable company, to print their shares

It is excellent business

I always believed on your ideas of collecting money from all the world and I would be happy to participate in this huge idea of printing fake shares.

Therefore, please send me the application form for this permit and also needed information how I can start this easy business.
Please inform me if I will need to contribute any amount to get this permit and whom shall I forward this money.

I can also promise you that I will donate some earned money for your agency.

Yours truly,
Mugabe Abu