Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: al ho

July 16, 2008

Mr. Cox: Do you realize that you have severely contradicted yourself on the Issue of Illegal Naked Shorting ? Let me help you see, how you have rescinded on your spoken word(s) of Enforcing the Laws you have said the SEC would Enforce Tough Regulations Against Fraud. The Majority of retail investors I know were very upset at you today 7/16/08, when you stated Naked Shorting is Not Illegal. Then what in the World were you telling the whole world on this SEC Video Tape ? Listen to yourself and watch yourself speak, you may see what we see and it is not complimentary. Mar. 4, 2008 "Naked" Short Selling Anti-Fraud Rule Video of Chairman's Remarks: Windows Media Player (21 MB) QuickTime (23 MB) Chairman Christopher Cox PLEASE LISTEN TO YOURSELF MR. COX, YOU SAID NSS IS FRAUD IN MARCH 2008 WHAT WERE YOU SAYING ABOUT NSS TODAY