Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Blair Smith

May 19, 2008

I can not word this any better

"""I am one of thousands of injured American and intl investors that have felt the theft and criminality of the abusive and illegal "naked shorting", that is still in existence as you read this. Under the watch of the SEC, all the regulatory agencies and the large banks such as Citibank and so many others, we have been stolen from and my/our confidence is at an all time low. It appears to be true that we can no longer trust the brokers that take our money to purchase legal shares and actually deliver them to our electronic accounts. Instead we have been lied to, stolen from and take advantage of. Companies that would have been successful if they had been allowed to continue were shot down before they could get past the runway..
We are seeing groups infiltrate our countrys financial markets that have no good intentions for the USA..yet we allow them to continue to break the financial back of the middle class and others..There is a strong wave of anti-americanism in this entire scenario and it seems that the very organizations that are allowing this destruction are the ones hired to watch over it. I am tired of the rhetoric and anxious for a sincere and lasting change..Not just a mock fix that gives the illusion that the changes have been made but a real systemic cleanse

Is that possible Mr Regulator? Or has this govt run by bankers fallen so far as to never be recovered again and with that the soveriegnty of our nation..We are in trouble and you are a large part of the arm that is swinging the wrecking ball into the financial strength and ultimately the health of our economy and well being of the American Family..

Short of Ron Paul being elected to president, I fear it has gone so far that we are in jeopardy of losing all rule of law in this country and eventually our Constitution. This is an economy run by elitists and defrauded by bankers and brokers and regulatory agencies that are too afraid to earn money the old fashioned way, to earn it instead of stealing it from others. Ill gotten gain will never produce anything that is good or worthy. Stop this criminal behaviour now with real rules and guidelines punishable by law if violated, if you even can.""""