Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: David Miller

March 7, 2008

With all due respect to our law enforcement body, I do not understand how 2 trillion shares of a stock can be traded without the sec or the DTCC suspecting that illegal trading of the shares is taking place. I invested in what I thought was an opportunity of a life time to make a substantial gain on a stock called CMKM diamonds(CMKX.ob). Just when the rumors started coming out about the value of the property and how much it should be valued at, the trading volume increased to billions per day. Normally the value of the stock would trend up with value. That is when I first became aware of shorted stock. I guess the price/share would not be effected so much if the shares were replaced in the account they were borrowed from within the specifided time. Obviously that has not happened for many years. Cmkx stock only had 500 billion to 800 billion shares outstanding when the volume being traded was much more. There have been thousands of small businesses shorted into bankruptcy from being oversold. I still have faith in our us laws and I only hope that you can make right what has taken place .