Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Scott Anderson

June 19, 2008

How about stopping the price fixing going on in the silver and gold markets (ETF's) naked short selling there. Government double standards in action there. Can we say Fraud committed by government in on purposly ignoring this issue inorder to cover up false economic stats they have been releasing over the last six years. What a sham

It is amzing when purchasing there must be metal to backup the purchase butwhen it comes to short selling nothing is required. The shorts contracts can out numberthe lngs by 100 + to 1, what is going to happen when someone or group overseas wants to take delivery on large orders of such contracts and the delivery can not be made. This will be certain to colapse the whole finacial system and take with it the sham laws of the SEC that has allowed this to happen. The world will then run away from the U.S. dollar in exchange for hard assets. The policy of Naked short selling in the Silver Gold market is price fixing that is allowed under the SECs nose and is totally against a free market system.