Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Bob Smith

May 30, 2008

Attention all shills at the sec-

You deserve to be chastised for your incompetence- your stupidity- your ignorance.
You see, either I am to believe that you are all of the above- or you are criminally complicit with the hedge funds that are destroying all equities by naked shorting them into the abyss.

While hedge funds print counterfeit shares- they siphon off the wealth of the masses -from 401k and pension funds- and funnel it into the coffers of a few wealthy hedge fund employees.

Is this what capitalism in the United States is- or what you have let it become?
The transfer the wealth of hundreds of millions into the pockets of a few Greenwich CT and NYC hedge fund manipulators- this is what you (the sec) has enabled- either through malfeasance or ignorance.

The American populace is being robbed at gun point by hedge funds that intentionally Fail To Deliver- and it seems the SEC is driving the getaway car.

Colonial BancGroup Inc. (NYSE: CNB)
Portfolio Recovery Associates Inc. (PRAA)
Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. (NASDAQ:'CALM")
MBT Financial Corp. (NASDAQ:' MBTF ")
First South Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ:FSBK)

All of these public companies and their shareholders have spoken up. They have courageously taken it upon themselves to educate the masses to the theft that hedge funds perpetrate by selling, and illegally issuing counterfeit shares into the equity market place.

They inject counterfeit shares and pocket the money-
They Intentionally fail to deliver a real product instead selling a fake entitlements-
They slash and bash OR short and distort selected targets by spreading malicious rumors for their personal gain-

And an inept regulator does nothing- while Rome burns.