Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Frank Bonczyk
Affiliation: San Bon Electric Company - Owner

May 20, 2008

Revised: For sake of clarity obscure mangled documents were removed from this submital

The following demonstrates an overwhelming short position, along with a Naked Short Selling Failure to deliver on 88,568 SIGM shares. These perched vultures prey on individual / independent investors who own a measly, 1.7% - 467,564 SIGM shares. This paltry position held by individual investors remain at the mercy of, The Club and its Consortium of Hedge Funds whom act as valiant Knights in shining armor armed with a sordid array of privileges. Most favored, most lethal of all these parasitic privileges is the infamous abuse of naked short and short selling. To add insult to injury, the innocent, We the Gung Ho All American Investors have our noses rubbed in the putrid afterbirth naked shorts exude in their failure to deliver. Failures that are free from any and all legal and financial pain, but for an occasional token SHO (SHOW) of reprisal, that by all accounts fare far less than a two year old infant receives for spilling milk. At the very least, to impose the form of justice upon principle errant Knights that was imposed to underhandedly entrapped celebrity diva, Martha Stewart, with over exaggerated two (2) cent worth of technicalities that forced her to suffer and endure prosecutions false witness, topped off with grave humiliation of jail time, is a good kick start to demonstrate credible SEC oversight. However, undeterred abuse by these privileged aficionados of manipulation is tantamount to Treasonous Acts in every instance of Naked Short Selling, for all gather toward ends sufficient enough to cripple and dismantle a Nations Financial and Corporate infrastructure. Ambassador Leo Wantas Naked Short selling of the Russian Ruble was a key factor in the collapse of the Soviet Union (more research required on this matter, i.e., such as, wheres the money?) Popular topics of media coverage bemoan the dire straits of our economy, as though a crisis born out of thin air just happens. Economics 101 labels are applied by experts (sic), who likewise adorned with assorted labels, i.e., PHD, Dr. so and so, crawl out of nowhere, to explain each cause as matter of fact _ Ho Hum. For fear of reprisal, labels are never applied to a personage of Knightly stature as cause, but scapegoats are so burdened, plastered with labels and joked about until a person is no longer human or a human is no longer a person. In the first instance, a person enjoys US Constitutional protection, the second instance a human does not. So, in the good old, US of A, its wise to take care, always live as and be labeled a person, rather than a human. Humans void of Constitutional protection, suffer an expendable abortive life. Errant Knights whom commit these treasonable acts are ordinary humans, and when legally pressed often play the, Im only human card, with false notion or thought that public confession of being human somehow forgives mortal sins and gross misdeeds. Instead, under hard and fast law a declared human forfeits all Constitutional rights and must be counted, identified, and prosecuted to a just end. Errant Knights serve well twitching, twisting on the end of an Executioners rope. Call it what you will, but a double edged razor rakes deep drawn across the womb of Property Rights born of the U.S. Constitution. That. My Dear Friend is a NO NO But, then arent Judicious Politicos, also members of Camelots, Round piece of the pie Table (The Club)?
The parasite nature morph within itself greedily devours the Host of Oblivion.

Naked Short Selling Failure to deliver on 88,568 SIGM shares as of September 21, 2007 flies in the face of SHO, to the point SHO along with the all mighty SEC, turns out as nothing more than a Circus of Clowns- Comedy Act. The Ring Master barks out, Come one, come all, welcome to the SECs, SHO of SHOWS. So, in joyful glee, with scuffed face, bruised icky oozing nose and empty pockets, I respond resolutely to the Ringmasters Beckon call. Anxiously I await Curtain Call

The fraud continues day by day unabated to this day. The coup dtat the well-known Short and distort scam carried out on April 15, 2008, under the nose of SEC, a clandestinely orchestrated, timely false rumor, drives SIGM stock from a High of 19.60 to a Low of 15.71. Volume for the day, 10,196,700 take into account the, 10,749,900 shorts (includes unknown number of Naked Shorts) and 88,568 naked shorts failing to deliver and continue in play, a grand total of, 20,946,600 shares on the sell side forced the hideous drop in price. This scam allowed a total of 1,722,800 shorts valued at $29,287,600 to bail out to end a successful days play _ with a hefty bag of loot. This blatant Short and distort bear raid scam alone is enough to warrant the SEC to step in to halt the fraudulent action, and file criminal charges against the entire lot of naked short and short sellers of Sigma shares, including those failing to deliver and if settled, names, dates, and terms of settlement. It is of utmost importance that immediate action be taken against these scam artists and to have them all swear under oath before a Congressional Committee to prove their guilt or innocence. This fraudulent manipulative practice upon SIGM is microcosm of the entire Market, i.e., equity, currency, commodity, real estate, etc, etc, and yes, the sub-prime mortgage fiasco is a prime example of bold arrogant abuse that sets a clear tone to the hazards individuals and individual investors face in whatever aspect of investment they undertake. Sigma Designs Inc. provides a clear picture of blatant market manipulation along with naked short selling fraud. The question, does the SEC give a Dam?

The damage caused by the 88,568 SIGM shares naked shorts failing to deliver, gives a hint to reasons why the overall market appears in serious trouble. A cursive study reveals natural self destructive elements bind non trivial throughout all aspects of large scale operations until these bound machinations reach a predictable critical mass conclusion. Huge amounts of easy money meander emotionally in out and about to be swept up by Vultures, uh-Pirates, Knights, Whomever, as demonstrated in a fledgling Sigma Designs Inc. (SIGM) case. When Sigmas outstanding 1st Qtr report missed analysts expectations by o.o4 cents, the stage was set. Now, to see a move that walks away with a cool $100+Million based on self serving analyst guesswork, where overestimating brings in big money, 00.04 cents, is an awe inspiring fraud. In the same period the analyst measuring Rod, the unstable dollar, made 00.04 cents value look ridiculous. This brings one to wonder about Mad Money Cramers Take on SIGM at $50.00ish, per Share, He pushes the onrushing Bulls Buy Buy - Buy button. Then he says Do your homework Double up on the down side. Then when SIGM is driven to $32.00, Cramer for no legitimate reason does an about face. He resorts to self flagellation to purge his sins. Past, present or future sins, who knows? Cramer mumbles something about not meeting 1st Quarter expectation (by the enormous, $00 .04 cent, unmentionable lump of BS) then slams down on the Bear Button Sell Sell Sell, the animated Bears attack, the stock nose dives to $22ish the rest is History. Now Cramer wants nothing to do with tech stocks, he wouldnt buy SIGM. Knowing he is a Goldman Sachs alumnus and GS is a major holder of SIGM its no wonder he backed off on SIGM. A March 14, 2007 Associated Press report Goldman pays $2 million to Settle naked short - selling case GS paid a $2 million Fine admitting neither guilt nor innocence in the matter and was sent off, free as a bird. Hmmm. A pungent aroma fills the air. More homework finds The good old Boys are everywhere This $2 million itsy bitsy tipsy top of Goldmans iceberg appears, but lurking deep beneath itsy bitsy tipsy top is a massive dark sinister rock solid, multi -$ Trillion $, hunk of naked short loot iced in default _ in contempt , that legally belongs in THE U.S. Treasury.
More homework finds that, Ambassador Leo Wanta wants his stolen $ Trillions $, hidden away and locked in parasitic Knights dungeons, returned to, We the people

More to bore into:
Two Day prize money for the errant Knights, ( Protectors of Privileged Estates) amounts to roughly four (4) point price drop X 20,946,600 shares = $83,786,400, enough to make the plethora of tricks and misdeeds worthwhile. From a Pirate point of view, the combined effect of the play was pure genius, a perfect heist. To state that this market action was triggered by a negative report, a report any half-brain knew was bogus from the get go, is an insult to human grey matter. Give us a break If this kind of money moves instantly on a twits rumor, even if it were true, all HOPE for USAs F recovery is doomed. Our only hope rest with these tycoon Pirates, that theyre better prepared to act against a more formidable and knowledgeable target for the sake of the Nation than petty personal greed picking individual investors pockets. For example, when the next Chicken Little report comes out, if taken with equal effect as toward SIGM, would put global warming on ice permanently, downed with a demit Spritzer and Wanta $Trillions rightful placed in the, U.S. Treasury.

In a matter of days the Pirates wile looting of SIGMs independent investors dwarfed every wicked exploit of notorious Pirates of old. The joined at the hip Institutions dont bang one another heads here. Fate of the enduring independent Sigma investors exist at the whim and wish of the Pirates, along with the SEC who appear in the Pirates camp as loyal GS Alumnus (hmmm, Cramer). In spite of the paltry few remaining victims, tactics continue as a ploy to ease out of the battle zone with an ever overflowing treasure trove in tow, theyll prance about as victorious Champions of Financial acclaim. Before the public a display of their ill gotten treasure gives proof that the Nation is on the mend and its future is in good hands. Instead of the hangmans noose, theyll typically receive a heros welcome, and pronounced heroes of the Financial World. (Whoops The Pied Piper of Tinsel Town, Mad Money Cramer, just did this on TV as I write, Cramers fraternal salute to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, fit in perfect to complete the puzzle ) These patron Saints of el Diableto receive Royal Honors, with a crown of laurels placed on their heads, they parade through The Street in a Hero facade. Another great, SHO of SHOWS presented by the Tinsel Town Trio. The award to top the list of performers goes to non-other than, Tinsel Town Trio, The former head and Alumni of Goldman Sachs added to the great wall of shame.

Naked Shorts Failure to Deliver 88,568 SIGM Shares @ 51.02 close on 09/21/2007 = $4,518,739.36, Naked Short Position. These in default shares remained on the table through the October 12, 2007 High of $73.00
At a High of $73.00 in default Naked Shorts where out of the Money ($73.00 - $51.02 = 21.98 X 88,568 shares = -$1, 946,724.00)
April 15. Close of 15.71 (51.02 15.71 = 35.31 X 88,568 = $3,127,336.00 Gain appeared
Note: A coup dtat on April 15, 2008, under the guise of a carefully orchestrated and timely rumor, SIGM stock was driven from a High of 19.60 to a Low of 15.71.

10/12/2007 High of $73.00 $15.71 Low = $57.29 X 88,568 Naked Defaults = $5,074,118.01 gain entertained by a Typical free Naked Short selling Joy Ride, chooses a ripe moment to squeeze the juice out of SIGM Shares. The individual investors paid the price.

In todays World, privileged advantage given to those whom Control Our Nations Financial Institutions, must be openly monitored by impeccable unbiased oversight to guard against clandestine self serving abuse that now appears solidly entrenched and totally beyond reproach. Any given as to why and how the coin works to exploit, motivate and direct personal energy to achieve desired ends depends on Its value indelibly pegged below that of a persons soul. Else, faith in the coin is lost, all is lost. As we all are aware, Faith provides the power and driving force that gives the coin valueGOLD the true token representative of the persons soul leaves all else to come and go to the strains of Empirical Whimsy _ The Rise and Fall of Empires.

An aura surrounds, Sigma Designs, Inc. a Corporation chosen as a sacrificial lamb, to study.
Sigma provides A World of Clear Pictures in incalculable ways. Homework on Sigmas struggle led to the thread that supports the overhanging wealth of this world. To where a simple snip or clip serves nobody except an aware majority of, One. Whose endgame directs to rid The Ark infested with parasites, or rid the parasites that infest, The Ark, is as nature of energy decides. Its amusing to watch the childish strategy errant Knights use to rid of their very own infestation. Back office bookkeeping, off balance sheet transactions seems in the offing to settle naked shorting defaults, if forced to do so. This too reeks of white gloved continuation of collaborative conspiratorial machinations _ that spews out more of the same insidious putrid icky oozing nose rub for the individual investor. A just resolution entitles individual investors with recourse to impose remedial and punitive damages. Damage caused by an impotent SEC whose habit fails to halt blatant free wheeling fraudulent Naked Shot Selling is not only, that the SEC lost its credibility, but by innuendo, such habit of failure implies a conspiratorial role played by SEC. The Great Question Is the SEC, Naked Short Selling Anti Fraud Rule a legitimate attempt by the SEC to change its ways and ease out from under Diablos influence. Or is it a twist on more of the same, icky oozing nose rubs for the individual investor doctored with a new palatable taste for wide spread acceptance? An out of the question level playing, field would allow individual investors use of the same tools, under the same rules, with the same oversight as bestowed upon Institutions and favored groups.

Suggested Method to Settle Naked Short Selling Failure to Deliver
Example SIGM,

Settlement of naked shorting failure to deliver by and between any and all Funds or Institutions to include those Institutions that own SIGM shares is self serving and gross conflict of interest is verboten. Sigma Designs Inc. is the creator of all Sigma Shares Mkt Cap: 628.02 as such all shares naked sold short, (direct to affect Market Cap value) and by default are borrowed from Sigma Designs Inc. Therefore, naked shorting failure to deliver against Sigma Designs Inc. requires settlement exclusively between, Sigma Designs Inc. and Naked shorts failures to deliver by all parties involved, regardless of strategies tactics used that led to SIGM naked shorting failure to deliver.
Therefore: I, Frank B being an independent owner holding 1.07% of the Total shares owned by independent investors shall place an order to settle all Naked Short Selling Failures to deliver on 88,568 SIGM shares as of September 21, 2007 on behalf of Sigma Designs Inc. Basis of default shares shall be the Highest High per share price, $73.00 on December 10, 2007 following failure to deliver Date, September 21, 2007. Entire proceeds of the settlement shall immediately apply to a Market buy order of SIGM shares given to an independent Broker (broker chosen by Frank B) who shall arrange the transaction in accordance with SEC current rules with favored unencumbered privilege allowed to good Samaritan interest. The naked shorting Default will be immediately settled. Excess Shares after settlement shall remain in an account designated by Frank B.

Option 2.
Option 1 settlement shall directly apply to the legitimate principle owner, Sigma Designs Inc.

Know your place

Frank B
A decrepit old man