Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: R.W. Wilhoit

May 19, 2008

Why do you keep submitting proposals and rules to try and head off something that is "Illegal" to begin with?? If you would prosecute the people who continue to rape the investor, you would find them not so willing to do so I can show cases where millions of dollars were stolen/taken illegally from investors and the person(s) charged and admitting to the crime pay only a small percentage of what was gained in fines and penalties. Hell if you steal 10 million and only pay back two million, what do you think they are going to do next? Thats right steal 10 more I know that you people are not this ignorant. I like alot of people am beginning to believe you (SEC) DTCC, are part of the problem NOT the solution. How much financial rape would you like to see?? I challenge you to open a website and let myself and a few others display some of the rape and thievery that you have allowed to happen. Without much more than a slap on the wrist. WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS YOUR SEC THEY ARE EITHER INVOLVED OR ARE MIGHTY STUPID WHEN IT COMES TO THE RAPE AND PILLAGE OF THE AMERICAN INVESTOR. THEY ARE PAID TO PROTECT YOU FROM THE VERY THING THEY HAVE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN TO YOU ANYONE WHO READS THIS NEEDS TO STAND AGAINST THIS TYPE OF CRAP AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIER ACTIONS. I MEAN LEGALLY LETS MAKE SOME NOISE IN WASHINGTON LETS DO A MILLION MAN MARCH IF NEEDED. THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN FINANCIAL RAPE STAND AGAINST IT TODAY