Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Charles j grenier
Affiliation: retired

May 19, 2008

Dear SEC

Please close the loop-holes to STOP naked short selling
the brokers and dealers and MM's that control the markets
are the theives and culprits...they are bankrupting small businesses in the thousands...I am sure u are aware of this
YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE , " WATCH-DOG," and protect us small investers in the market have failed to do your job..( IMO)..instead you have constantly looked the other way..when the brokers, dealers and MM's ( market makers) have consantly maniuplated the markets in a downward price that they can reap billions of dollars in profits for themselves...all at the expense of us small time investors...also the Hege Funds are also involved in stealing our money ... YOU SIR are supposed to be the " WATCH -DOG", and protect the small investor..but instead you have, looked the other way, and like the " FOX GUARDING THE HEN house have aided and abetted, the bad guys...they have reaped billions of dollars in profits...FOR the expense of the small invstor...PLEASE PLEASE close the LOOP-HOLES, and stop naked shorting in it's tracks..

thank you ,
for hearing me out,

Yours Truly,
Charles J. Grenier

( a small investor)