Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Bob Smith

May 15, 2008

SEC employees
Are you?


Which is it?
Use this application pull up a chart on


Try to tell me and the world that when fails rise meteorically that shareprices doesnt fall precipitously.

I cant find another company with as many Fails as NFI.
Not even a CFC or a WM.

Pull up any bank or REIT chart- take a look at the almost exact inverse mirror image of Fails and their perverse reflection in shareprice.

Data is only as of 12 / 31 the SEC has not released the Q1 fails data as of yet.

Q1 data should be Incredible- there were so many bear raids all of it was done on record FTD volume its hard to keep track- of the carnage that the markets had to endure- all thanks to you our- "vigilant regulator".

ALL SEC Employees should be ashamed and disgusted while FTD failing hedge funds loot all 401ks and pension funds in America you do nothing.