Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Ralph L Harris

May 14, 2008

Dear Sir's, I invested in LDK solar on nov.,2007. Since that time, LDK has been on the "failure to deliver" list for over 6 months straight,presently with between 14-15 million shares worth of investor funds never accounted for. This is a grave violation of SEC law. This is costing all americans huge sums in unpaid taxes owed. This is so blatant and continues.Diputable is the size of the active tradable float.( outstanding LDK shares in float equals, the % owned by individuals,about 17 million, % by industrial investors totals about 14 million,and LDK owners control 70 million) Avaliable daily float, how ever you figure it, the naked short shares (FTD), represents approximately either 50% or 85% of the outstanding float. There are obviously large amounts of nonexisting counterfeit shares also diluting our investment. Please tell me who is to protect me from this illegal act and stop it with justice? How do I recover my massive losses from these pirates? Who polices these laws? Why has this not been stopped for over 6 months and continues as if there were no laws? Are those criminals responsible to be forced to repay for all damages, and punished like other comparable criminals? I would never have invested my lifes earnings in a crooked,corrupt, manipulated, scandalous system if I knew the facts about wall street and the SEC. Believed me,this must be addressed NOW.This is U.S.A. that pride ourselves on living by the laws or subject to imprissonment for the above mentioned crimes.Other systems would execute those responsible for such heinous acts,intentions,and crimes. Please reply to let me know who is, by law, responsible to secure and enforce said laws pertaining to stocks, securities etc. Contact me at: Respectfully, Ralph L. Harris