Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Charles McNeely

May 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Cox , I want to thank you for your efforts in trying to eliminate Fraud from out Capital markets.

It wasn't until you became the SEC Chairman that the abuse of naked short selling was agressively attacked by the SEC.

It is most important that the "Naked " Short Selling Anti-Fraud rules is adopted and enforced so that this agressive approach continues with success.

As we know , Fraud is Fraud and will always be Fraud. Abusive and manipulative short Selling and Illegal Naked Shorting must be eliminated from our markets

The counterfiting of stock and stock certificates is Fraud and must also be agressively prosecuted and eliminated.

Those responsible for these illegal activities must be sought out and prosecuted to the fullest and Jailtime should be manditory

I also ask that those Individuals and Entities responsible for FTD's (from Illegal Naked Short selling) in which companies where placed on the Reg SHO list beyond the normal resolution time period be held accountible and given jailtime for FRAUD.

I look forward to learning of the names of those responsible for the counerfiting of U.S. Securities and Naked Shorting as they are made public. I sincerely hope that their punishment fits this horrific crime of FRAUD that was purportrated on our Capital Markets and on American and Foriegn investors alike.

C McNeely