Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Dan J Nguyen, CFA
Affiliation: Investment Portfolio Manager, Midwest Professional Planners (MPPL)

April 23, 2008

Re: "Naked" Short Selling Anti-Fraud Rule.

There has been a sharp increase in volatility, unfounded rumors and wealth destruction.

We, investment professionals at Midwest Professional Planners, applaud the SEC for proposing this rule to restore the integrity to the stock market.

"Naked" short selling has the same power of destroying wealth as dilution. Naked short selling can distort the true value of any enterprise by generating uncertainties and chaos, especially in the environment where short selling can be executed on the down tick. The financial markets cannot function properly if there is a crisis of confidence.

Failed delivery of borrowed stocks is simply an act of "naked" short selling. We humbly suggest that the SEC would consider a penalty severe enough to discourage this kind of practice.

Thank you for protecting the integrity of the financial markets.


Dan Nguyen, CFA for the investment professionals at Midwest Professional Planners.