Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Kiralynne Schilitubi
Affiliation: Professor of English

April 23, 2008

File No. S7-08-08
Naked Short Selling Anti-Fraud Rule

How hilarious. These proposed rule changes related to naked shorting are certainly discovered to be quite the joke, quite the hoax played upon America.

I am keeping up with commentary, several hundred commentaries to date. A consensus is quite clear. This consensus is open hostility directed at Christopher Cox and his SEC. Never before have I read so much anger and hostility. All of this is quite justified, Cox and the SEC are working at deceiving America, working at enhancing and further enabling financial crime against America and her good peoples.

Over a month or so, I have carefully researched and digested these proposed rule changes. As do many others, I see right through the transparency of those proposed rule changes and clearly see those proposed rule changes are an effort to deceive America. There are no changes in those rules, there is only deceptive wording added designed to fool America into believing Cox and the SEC are effecting policy changes. This is precisely why almost all commentaries are hostile, are filled with anger directed at the SEC.

Those proposed rules are nothing new. Those proposed rules clearly exempt the very criminals who are counterfeiting securities. Those criminals are collectively known as Wall Street. Those criminals are the brokers, market makers, specialists and others found all across America and are commonly labeled, Wall Street.

The SEC would have America believe those who are counterfeiting securities are some unknown faceless silhouette figures standing in dark shadows in unsavory two-bit counterfeiting print shops like villains in an old Humphry Bogart movie. This is not so. Those counterfeiting securities are widely known three piece suited people, brokers, market makers, specialists, corporate executives and others. There is no secret about this. We Americans know Wall Street is Organized Crime just as we know the SEC is owned by and in the pocket of Wall Street.

Christopher Cox, you insult my intelligence, you insult the intelligence of all Americans by your assuming Americans to be gullible gits so foolish to fall for your deception. Those proposed rules are an insult to America and an insult to the very founding principles of our nation, Truth and Justice. How dare you insult and degrade our democracy.

Counterfeiting securities is a crime yet you exempt those who are counterfeiting securities. You, Christopher Cox, despite your being an attorney, are subverting our Criminal Justice System.

Like almost all others commenting on these proposed rule changes, I am angry, I am insulted and I will add I view you, Christopher Cox, as a long nosed Pinocchio puppet whose strings are held and pulled by Wall Street criminals.

Okpulot Taha
Choctaw Nation