Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Dr. Call

March 7, 2008

How many months does ONT have to appear on the "Naked" Do Not Deliver list before the SEC really does something about naked shorts.

Reuters says you are seeking public comment? Where is that on your site? There is no request for comments. Probably because your servers would be crashed by the flood of comments.

Intentionally deceive brokers???? Give me a break. The brokerage houses are in on this like the banks were with the sub-prime loans. This is corruption at it's worst and it sounds like the SEC thinks the brokerage houses are innocent little angels. Why, then, is Schwab sending out e-mails trying to get shares to short ONT? How blatant can you get?

Do something honest for once! This isn't the only stock that is getting screwed by naked shorts ...

Removal of the uptick rule took away the only small speed bump for naked shorts - now they can kill a company and keep it down until it dies.

Dr. Call