Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Frank R Bonczyk
Affiliation: San Bon Electric Company

April 15, 2008

An Analysis of Naked Short Selling of Sigma Designs Inc (SIGM)leads to reveal that a Potential National Security Threat is found solidly imbedded in SOPs of our Nations Financial Institutions supported by in kind Politics-as usual. This may well be what Citizens want if so, let it be.


To sell the Human Soul short is also not illegal. In fact it is a U.S. Constitutional Right

Human Souls borrowed from the Original Owner and sold short predictably fail to deliver, the account not closed out, remains in default.

Naked shorts also sell the Human Soul short with no intention to settle the account forever remain in default.

Proclaimed value on human soul net par with life is worthless and so redeemed at full value

22 December 2006 Settlement of Account: PO Realm Claim on behalf of Original Owner


With basis of Right established we move on:

Study of SIGM reveals blatant abuse of naked short selling
Official comments and historic records of naked short selling reveals a free hand allowed by Regulators was as good as providing a letter of Marce cart blanch license to manipulate Corporate Americas, Financial infrastructure. Any and all arguments given to justify the need of naked short selling is lost in the quagmire of damage caused in the wake of markets manipulated and abused by its use. Consideration given to the fragile condition of todays economy calls for an end to all short sales, not only naked shorts in order to quick start a legitimate recovery. The risks are far too great for the little good they achieve, if any. Side bets are a more realistic approach and its wise, in light of the sub-prime fiasco, not to mix phony paper in with real trades. There exist in both naked short and short selling a potential to effect a critical mass meltdown of the nations economy. To sabotage the financial structure of the United States is a Terrorist dream come true. It is sheer arrogance to state otherwise. We are not talking about Boogeyman Bush Terrorism here. Among other, 911 brought down a top floor $50 Trillion a year Financial Enterprise, CF. An investigation later made by an approved Commission failed to scan all facets and factors that could implicate defacto conspirators who made it all work and gained in some fashion, whether they be Nations, Corporations, Syndicates or Individuals, i.e., Destruction of Financial Records Money owed, paid Financial Abuse, etc. etc. What they looked into seemed unimportant and appeared as a white-wash of sorts. .Someone steals your golf clubs. You dont investigate the Manufacturer, or someone who got caught stealing golf club in China. Youd look closer to home, friends and neighbors, who when they are caught would say to the effect, Oh I just borrowed them Do you want them back? Uh? Oh? I forgot. I accidentally sold em

The biggest problem is that the SEC sees no problem with naked short selling, and its self admitted inability to monitor and prevent short selling abuse for one reason or another (SEC mantra), is cause enough to abandon the practice all together...else a revamp of the SEC is in order. We all know that short selling attracts a plethora of unsavory financially well endowed characters who readily arm themselves with the same guise, and hold skills equal to one of the boys institutions that routinely bend rules in order to gather and accumulate wealth with the ease of Midas. What for? To buy and control the World with inked paper? Together they make a perfect band of thieves. Both Short and Naked Short selling when combined is without doubt, the perfect weapon to implement the resolve of any group, or Nation harboring ill will and a fervent desire to do serious harm to our Nation. As it now stands naked short selling is primed as a legal, fully functioning enterprise, in wait of such dire endgame, if it isnt as it appears, already in play. Who knows? Certainly not the SEC, and most certainly not, Homeland Security, else the practice would have been abolished long before the sub-prime metamorphosed naked short selling debacle played out to its predictable end. (A naked short by any other name is still a naked short). An end that sets the next stage for a mass assault by naked shorts to finally break the backbone of the Nations Corporate Enterprise at will.

I fear that if Regulators continue to delude themselves and imagine a cure for their Financial Crisis is to cater to the very Institutions the Regulators allowed the means to create the Crisis in the first place and who got caught in their own demise. In desperation these institutions will simply fuel the abuse in the Markets until a critical mass meltdown occurs. Recall when Russian Regulators fell asleep at the wheel (as are Regulators: SEC FRB Congress and Senate Committees, etc., etc., remain asleep at the wheel now) caused Chernobyl. The mood and despair of the situation results in a scramble to redeem/recover/recoup, the Regulators are prompted (pressured) to turn a blind eye and allow unprecedented no-holds-barred abuse of naked short selling as a way out. Rather than cure, the Regulators (and those whom pressured them) compound the problem, the naked short illusion turns into a full blown, home grown, syndicate of untouchables whose widespread abuse in the markets equates to Terrorist acts that make 911 appear as childs play.

Bear Stearns is a prime example. Syndicated (guess who?) naked short selling drove Bear Stearns stock price trough the floor. The naked Rape of Bear Stearns is witnessed and digested by the entire World. Many licked their chops at what they saw. The USA exposed its vulnerable underbelly and gave proof to the World that the effect of its built in self-destruct system is at work securely embedded in the Soul of the USA. The plus side in all this: It now appears that there is no need to fear an outside Terrorist attack upon the USA. The US Government is doing just fine on this matter. Nor will we have to worry about Mexican illegal crossing the border. The Scenario: One day down the road foresight of astute analysis has the value of the Mexican Peso par with the US Dollar. At a fork further down that road Mexico may, if we prove insolvent, i.e., in default on delivering to cover the naked short selling of the US Treasury. They may offer to buy back its Territories_ naked short sold earlier and still in default. They may also try to put up our fence along the border to keep us out, and save us the bother and cost. Of course we will not allow it A hundred thousand tons of Mexican drugs cross the boarder into the USA annually. Stop the illegals, not the dope Dont ya know the US economy needs its naked short in the arm, Stupid

Does anyone recall the naked and short in David Goliath days?

Before the Whose Who list of untouchables is exposed and charged with crimes against the State, which is off course out of the question. They know the ropes, the right people and as always will turn things aroundto their way. As usual Im sure theyll find some innocent Polish lambs of celebrity status or paid surrogates of ill repute_ never the Principals to serve-up to the public and make it look like theyre doing an exalted Job. So the public can cheer and jeer at Bear Stearns rescue on cue. Rescued from who, what, when, where, why and How?????? A lot of questions remain Could this scenario be played out under the roof of Homeland Security? HS already demonstrated competency or compliancy when they were ordered to maneuver its mighty force to counter and negate the effort of an individual who dared to look into the activities of those who were at the root cause of our Nations Financial Crises? To use the Power of Homeland Security to tap an individuals phone to find out what was already known or planted, and so put its integrity on the line, to invent some official sounding way to ridicule him or her in public. A picayune personal indiscretion topples the Giant of Good Intent and the public cheered. Good riddance to the scoundrel the public said, as their pockets and clocks got cleaned. The public cheered as the one whom had the pick pockets in hand, got canned in total humiliation for having the guts to try and root out the well entrenched Firms and individuals who control the Mother of all corruption _ Those who routinely commit to naked short selling of Our Nations Treasury.
National Security Humph I am totally embarrassed time and again when a self centered naive public is so quick to condemn anyone that a bribed scoundrel points out and ridicules in the name of Law. The mother of all corruption _ the members of untouchables, are of course called by coded names. Such as: Honest Respectable a Captain of Industry Dedicated Hero Family Man Real Nice Guy. Never called by their real Names: Shyster Crook etc., etc.

The innocent cupid baby face of pure arrogance sits on a leveraged $90 Trillion Throne raises its humble head before the Senate Banking Committee for a cordial a tte--tte then as an adjunct dares suggest to effect that those whom spread rumors against the establishment should be punished. Give me a break Did I just witness a touch of self aggrandizement ooze out of the pours of pure arrogance to slobber over and smear the Committees charming hospitality? To dare assert a position of Nobility to suggest, no, to command the SBC to impose punishment, in subjugation of the US Constitution, on citizens for simply voicing opinions (not rumors) on the sinister, mysterious dark forces that wrecked and continue to wreck our economy. Never a word was mentioned by cupid faced arrogance when he stood before the Senate Banking Committee that individuals and their group that commit treasonous acts against the State should be gathered up and Justly Hung. Nor was a word heard from any Officials of the US Government, its Politicians, Law makers, Committees, The News Media and above all the Great self appointed Protector of Our Democracy President Bush, to seek out and punish those Government Officials that allowed Privileged select groups and their Financial Army to attack and destroy the Financial Backbone of Our Nation and charge them with treasonous acts against the State. The Financial Crises that brings this Nation to its knees and your lily persona before this Committee, are the perpetrators gathered up, arrested and justly hung for their treasonous acts. At least give them the punishment that Martha Stewart the homemaker and cooking diva received. Punished for Gossiping are you a Jokester, also? Are these crimes against the State the Forces and works of Divinity? No these forces no more, no less than possessed by mere men, every citizen, except they have in opposite agenda than WE the peoplethey strive to achieve despotic ends and must be exposed as mere men and charged for their crimes against the State and hung by the neck until the lot of them are dead. Our suspicions may appear as rumors, but they arise from the smoldering remains and collateral damage done to our lives, family and friends. Next they would object to words shaped into an Ax to grind, as preordained to sever their heads. To this I say. Fella, Hold out your Tongue This Nation is not yet ripe (decayed) enough to be turn over to Despots without a fight WOW Pretty bold talk from an old man done with his life and on his way out

The broad analysis of Market activity stemmed from the quirky market action of Sigma Designs Inc. (SIGM). Trading Patterns were too perfect. Timely negative news/analyst reports on SIGM were common news well known and understood, but highlighted and reported in an over exaggerated, highlighted over bearing manner as though disaster for SIGM was inevitable. It didnt take long to grasp what was going on. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to know when a stock is being manipulated. Naked short selling took over SIGM, the expected defaults occurred. All the earmarks of a coordinated naked short selling attack were in play, a flagrant boldface fraud was in full swing unabated and allowed by the SEC. As naive innocence says, please stop the spamming of naked short selling, its legal, go to the SEC website and find out. One step led to another until the old man ended at the doorstep of Government Agencies and observed there atypical, boiler-plate semi-quasi tone and attitude toward the actions taken by, Regulators, the FRB, SEC, JP Morgan, regarding, Bear Stearns so-called bailout. A tone and attitude that ignored the possibility that simple market manipulation caused BS collapse, and that. Syndicate naked short selling drove Bear Stearns through the floor, that those instrumental in the fraud is of no concern to Government Officials and Regulators nor important enough to investigate. Answers to both whom? why? Is provided by expanded view of the SIGM study. SIGM is a targeted victim of naked short selling fraud Bear Stearns style and it behooves the SEC to step in a put a halt to the activity. Inaction by the SEC is taken not only as sanctioning the fraud, but instincts of human nature would view the SEC as an active coconspirator in the fraud. The action is proof enough, the need to identify the Syndicate Firms involved, may already be well known by the SEC, but must be publicly exposed in order to clear names of those whom are innocent, but highly suspected.

For the SEC to make a test case of SIGM, and disallow both naked short and short selling of SIGM stock would be a simple matter. Based on pending, suspected, and outright naked short selling defaults, a 45 % Short Percent of Float. The study would be useful to settle issues of concerns for the pending SEC Naked Short Selling Anti-Fraud Rule, and remove any doubt that the negative bias created by naked short selling inherently manipulates the price of a stock, SIGM. Manipulation by naked short selling is enough to abolish the practice altogether. The Regulators typically require proof that the degree of stock manipulation incurred is in fact an act of fraud and not just a regulatory practice is itself, not ludicrous but outright fraud. In most instances, monetary value of the slightest manipulation is a Felonious act. The degree of manipulation that reaches an arbitrary level considered abuse by SEC is often after the fact, when the damage is brushed clean, dissolved in the records and forgotten with a token fine paid and no charges of guilt or innocence found. Certainly they do initiate a Martha Stewart whose supposed fault hurt no one, but herself.

We close with the following analysis:
Ones instincts reach to the soul and source of existence, of Life, where O Creations Energy So Great undulates twist about and splits in two of itself, and there the first complete structure of Creation, a Star as that of David, then its twin Opposite in every way appear, the two opposed Stars attract each other to become One again, but the nature of Energy intervenes, instead the essence of each combines during their neutral states and spews forth and scatters about as their states oppose each other, again and again in rhythmic fashion their attempt to join together fails. On and on as a rhythmic song they played. All that came from these two opposing energy structures that failed every attempt to rejoin and become one again, scattered all about in the exact position O Creation so designed. Today when viewed through the eyes of David the sight seen is commonly called Universe or more apropos Cosmos The story goes on, but no need. A point is made to demonstrate that it is impossible to join together opposite natures, but between those opposite natures great things happen. So, I can not join you ever, but do consider the nature of what I propose. I choose SIGM simply to demonstrate that a natural rhythm occurs in a balanced Market and it takes care of itself, to try and force one way or another to steal away its energy runs against true nature of Energy. Illusion is Childs play, survival bites the coin. The greatest empire built upon gold replaced by paper illusion has its own inbuilt match, abuse inevitably ignites. Let SIGM burn, and all the rest will follow.
The scattered remains of opposing energy structures coalesce side by side their ability to express beyond themselves expended so no attempt to join together occurs, their essence at this least of the least energy state commonly called, Oblivion, in the exact form and structure as greatest of the greatest energy structures that spawned all that exist, and does not exist. O Stars of David _ Cosmic Egg found.
Know your place.

K ing of EARTH puts us on THE ARK-KNOWERS ARK

Best regards,
Frank, but easy,
A decrepit Old Man