Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: wayne procop

April 13, 2008

Mr. Cox,
How can you even consider taking comments on Naked Short Selling. Naked short selling ( COUNTERFEITING OF SHARES )has always been illegal. Every day you wait, more and more investors are ripped off. Their funds are stolen, the brokers are paid commissions, bogus confirmations are sent out. Statements are mailed to investors (MAIL FRAUD). Perhaps you feel that retail investors are stupid. Your latest Suit against CMKX proves what little regard you have against retail investor, maybe CMKX did sell some shares, but if they did the SEC, the DTCC, allowed it to go on and on. There were days when BILLIONS of shares were sold, day after day and no body did anything, was every one
of our watch dogs asleep? Sure seem like it. How can you sleep at night? I always thought the market was fixed, but never did I know how much it was. Take your head out of the sand, do the right thing. Let us know that there are some honest people in our Government.