Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: lev ho

April 12, 2008

Mr.Cox: The SEC Asleep At The Wheel / Were You Not Watching The Path Of CMKM DIAMONDS INC ? The SEC Should Be Held Accountable For Allowing The Manner In Which This Sub-Penny Stock Was Illegally Traded By Numerous Market Makers, Brokerages and Others Internationally.Is this not a form of Financial Terrorism ? IMO, the SEC and DTC, DTCC Failed Miserably In Doing What Is Expected By The Investing Public. I and Many Shareholders in this Country, and others around the World Are Injured Financially by the SEC's Negligence in ENFORCEMENT OF SEC REGULATIONS. The following is a good summry of what alot of us average/working hard to pay our bills lowly Americans resort to to try and climb up the financial ladder we are not privey to large sums of investment capital you rich people are privy too. Oh by the way, I know Annette Nazareth is no longer a Commissioner, but I think I speak for many average investing Americans We actually do expect to make a Profit on our stock investing.So if you speak to her the "let them eat cake" reference was not appreciated at all. Thank you.