Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: lev ho

April 11, 2008

Mr, Cox: My o' My, CMKM Diamonds/Inc. has 52 SEC Filings (from 8/3/99 to 10/22/05)
I would recommend you read them prior to putting out any more accusations.$/SEC/Registrant.asp?CIK=1092299 CMKM Diamonds/Inc
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52 SEC Filings (from 8/3/99 to 10/22/05)
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Documents Exhibits (as Filer or Owner)
Last Filing Type Description Documents

5/9/02 10KSB Reports Annual Reports -- Small Businesses -- Form 10-KSB 4
5/1/01 10KSB40 Reports Annual Report -- Small Business -- X Reg. S-B Item 405 -- Form 10-KSB 1
10/22/05 8-K Reports Current Reports -- Form 8-K 15
Amendments to Articles of Incorporation or Bylaws Change in Fiscal Year
Changes in Registrant's Certifying Accountant
Departure of Directors or Officers Election of Directors Appointment of Officers
Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement
Financial Statements and Exhibits
Other Events
Regulation FD Fair Disclosure
Termination of a Material Definitive Agreement
3/29/02 NT 10-K Reports Notices of Late Filings of Form 10-K or 10-KSB -- Form 12b-25 4
5/16/03 NT 10-Q Reports Notices of Late Filings of Form 10-Q or 10-QSB -- Form 12b-25 6
11/18/02 10QSB Reports Quarterly Reports -- Small Businesses -- Form 10-QSB 9
2/17/05 15-12G Registrations Certifications of Terminations of Registration of Classes of Securities -- Form 15 2
1/25/00 10-12G Registrations Registrations of Securities (General Form) -- Form 10 3
5/2/03 S-8 Registrations Registrations of Securities to be Offered to Employees Pursuant to Employee Benefit Plans -- Form S-8 3
2/3/03 DEF 14C Proxies Definitive Proxy Information Statement -- Schedule 14C 1
6/15/01 DEF 14A Proxies Definitive Proxy Solicitation Materials -- Schedule 14A 2
6/5/01 PRE 14A Proxies Preliminary Proxy Solicitation Materials -- Schedule 14A 2
6/23/00 DEFR14A Proxies Revised Definitive Proxy Solicitation Material -- Schedule 14A 1

3/14/05 EX-3 Articles of Incorporation/Organization and By-Laws 12
5/18/01 EX-23 Consents of Experts and Counsel 3
4/19/01 EX-27 Financial Data Schedules 7
5/18/01 EX-4 Instruments, including Indentures, Defining the Rights of Security Holders 8
2/3/03 EX-16 Letter re: Change of Certifying Accountant 1
10/22/05 EX-10 Material Contracts 5
10/22/05 EX-99 Miscellaneous Exhibits, including Press Releases 27
2/3/03 EX-5 Opinions re: Legality 3
8/2/05 GRAPHIC Pictures and Images 13
9/8/99 EX-21 Subsidiaries of the Registrant 2


Documents Exhibits (as Subject Company or Issuer)
Last Filing Type Description Documents

3/8/05 3 Ownership Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership of Securities -- Form 3 1

Do Diligence is a good thing, makes for smart investing, even amongst simple minded injured shareholders wouldn't you agree. Please do your job correctly, thank you.