Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: lev ho

April 11, 2008

Who really pumped CMKX.. WHO ATTRACTED 40,000+ Shareholders
Mr. Cox:
If the SEC wants to accuse a few to cover up its own failures as a regulatory agency to protect shareholders it is a sad time in American History of how truly bad the system is. A regulatory system that thinks the American public cannot see the truth about an agency that seems to think the investing public is just plain stupid and will buy any story to COVER UP their own inefficiency as a regulatory body.
Ask any shareholder what really cause them to buy and you will hear 99 out of 100 say Roger Glen and Robert Mahue... The huge trading in CMKX stock started with the hiring Of . Roger Glenn of Edwards Angell, ..and continued its record trading volume as Robert Mahue took the reins and even became a board Member..
In the June 16, 2004 Pr a quote from Roger Glenn of Edwards Angell
"Glenn stated, "We have been retained by the company to resolve the problems it has been facing, and we expect to devote significant efforts immediately toward that goal. The company has advised us that it is dedicated to complying fully with all requirements on it, and we are pleased to act as counsel to it on that basis."
(Let me add here, we are very aware of Mr. Glenn writing Sarbanes-Oxley).
CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Announces New Transfer Agent.

Quote from Roger Glen in that PR

D. Roger Glenn of Edwards Angell, attorneys for CMKM Diamonds, Inc. said "The Company is proud to announce this relationship with Pacific Stock Transfer .It has a fine reputation as a transfer agent, and the Company is looking forward to working with it in the future. The Company is confident that Pacific Stock Transfer will process transactions in the Company's stock accurately and quickly.

CMKM Diamonds Launches National Television Exposure and Awareness Campaign
Business Wire, July 14, 2004

Roger Glen is still counsel for CMKX

CMKM Diamonds, Inc. Announces Dividend to Shareholders of Record Date and Option Agreement.

DENVER -- CMKM Diamonds, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CMKX) is pleased to have reached a purchase agreement with U.S. Canadian Minerals, Inc. (OTC BB:UCAD UCAD - UCAD - to which U.S. Canadian Minerals Inc. will be purchasing 5% of all mineral claims held by CMKM Diamonds, Inc. in exchange for 7.5 million shares of UCAD. CMKM Diamonds, Inc. will later issue these shares to all shareholders of record on August 20, 2004.

Roger Glen still cousel for CMKX... Roger Glen was also counsel for U.S. Canadian Minerals Inc.

CMKM Diamonds, Inc., to invest in Casavant International Mining, Inc. Declares Dividend For Shareholders. 7/20/2004

AS VEGAS -- CMKM Diamonds, Inc. (Pink Sheets:CMKX) has agreed to invest US$1,000,000 in Casavant International Mining referred to as (CIM). CMKM Diamonds,Inc. will receive in return a 10% lifetime royalty on all mineral claims of CIM , specifically including the George Lake Zinc Deposit, ( In addition to the zinc deposit royalty CMKM Diamonds, Inc. will also receive 40 billion shares of CIM stock which CMKM Diamonds, Inc. will distribute pro rata as a dividend to all CMKM shareholders of record on August 31, 2004.

Roger Glen still counsel For CMKM Diamonds

Business Wire, July 26, 2004

CMKM Diamonds Inc. Acquires Additional Interests in Saskatchewan

LAS VEGAS -- CMKM Diamonds Inc. (Pink Sheets: CMKX) announced today that it has agreed to acquire a 60%, undivided interest in 500,000 acres of potential Kimberlite mineral property in Saskatchewan, Canada. The property is currently owned by Nevada Minerals Inc., a private company unrelated to CMKM. The property is being developed by a joint venture between Nevada Minerals Inc. and U.S. Canadian Minerals Inc. CMKM will acquire the interest in the property in exchange for 75 billion shares of restricted Rule 144 stock of CMKM. In order to reduce the dilution to CMKM's shareholders as a result of this transaction, Urban Casavant, CMKM's CEO, has agreed to contribute 40 billion shares owned by himself in exchange for an agreement from CMKM stating that Casavant will be paid only if the acquired property actually yields a profit. According to the agreement, Casavant will be paid one-half of the net proceeds from any mining on the property, after paying all associated expenses, up to a maximum aggregate total of US$62 million. CMKM will issue 35 billion new shares of the company to Nevada Minerals Inc. to complete the transaction.

Casavant stated, "We are delighted to make the acquisition of this property, which is covered by our proprietary Goldak Airbourne surveys. We will be traveling to Saskatchewan in August with executives from U.S. Canadian Minerals Inc. to view the property owned by CMKM with the intent of planning a drilling schedule." The drilling will be performed with Rick Walker and United Carina Resources Corp. (CDNX: UCA), Consolidated Pine Channel Gold Corp. (CDNX: KPG) and Shane Resources Ltd. (CDNX: SEI).

D. Roger Glenn, CMKM's counsel, stated, "I will be traveling to Saskatchewan with the company's management to expand my knowledge of the company and its business in order to facilitate the company becoming fully reporting."

Roger Glen still counsel for CMKX notice Quote by Roger Glebb in the above PR

CMKM Diamonds Inc. Receives First $3,000,000 from UCAD Option
Business Wire, July 27, 2004

LAS VEGAS -- CMKM Diamonds Inc. (Pink Sheets: CMKX) announced today that it has received this day $3,000,000 from U.S. Canadian Minerals Inc. as the first exercise of a purchase option agreed to last week between the parties. Under the agreement reached last week, UCAD has a one-year option agreement to purchase an additional 10% interest of all mineral claims held by CMKM Diamonds Inc. for a total of $15 million U.S. dollars payable to CMKM Diamonds Inc.

Urban Casavant, president of CMKX, stated, "We are thrilled that UCAD has begun exercising its option as this frees additional cash for our expanding operations and exploration. As we move toward our meeting in Saskatchewan next week with all parties involved, an action plan will be directed to the future for all."

Roger Glen still cousel for CMKM Diamonds.. Notice the above mention of the meeting in Saskatchewan which Roger Glen was attending.

Date: 29-JUL-04
CMKM Diamonds Inc. Purchases 25% of Juina Mining

Roger Glen still counsel for CMKM Diamonds

Date: August 2, 2004

CMKM Diamonds Inc. Announces Dividend of Juina Mining Shares.

Roger Glen still counsel for CMKM Diamonds

I CAN GO ON AND ON THE DIVIDENDS I can assume were under the direction of Roger Glen and he did attend the meeting in Saskatchewan. All the shareholders know about it with the thumbs up and all.

Roger Glen increased the Authorized from 500 to 800 billion AFTER THE MEETING IN Saskatchewan.

Robert A. Maheu Joins the Board of Directors of CMKM Diamonds Inc
Business Wire, Jan 31, 2005

LAS VEGAS -- CMKM Diamonds Inc. (Pink Sheets: CMKX) is pleased to announce that Robert A. Maheu has joined the board of directors of the company. Maheu will serve as the co-chairman of the board of directors and will assist Mr. Casavant in the immediate and long-term objectives of the company.

Casavant and Maheu will together be looking into the company and setting forth exactly what CMKM Diamonds needs to do in order to be successful in its current endeavors. The two look to bring in a president to the company that has successful history in geology and mining of natural resources.

I will end with a quote from Mr. Mahue

"We are not letting these regulatory matters impede our primary focus of creating stockholder value through the mining and development of our mineral assets," stated Mr. Maheu. CMKX is continuing to search for additional property claims in Canada and monitor its holdings in Ecuador.

Let me close with this... CMKM Diamonds trading volume was huge based on what ROGER GLEN and Mr. Maheu. Stated in PR'S... If the SEC wishes to use the word PUMP in its suit and BLAME CHAT BOARDS for the huge volume in CMKX stock they are either very naive or think the American people are stupid enough to buy into it's hogwash...

The volume of CMKX stock was caused by 2 very well known and respected individuals. Roger GLEN of Edwards Angell and Robert Mahue .. Neither one formally announced any issues or Deficiencies with CMKM Diamonds or Urban Casavant.. So SEC if you want to use the word PUMP for one the basis of your suit why has neither one of the two individuals mentioned been included in the suit you prepared. You (SEC) claim the stock was tainted yet thousands of brokers all of the world sold it to their clients but you chose to list only one.. It seems you have conveniently excluded the two largest sellers of CMKX STOCK in your suit, Ameritrade and Etrade. Who do you really protect large institutions or the common shareholder. I think any American can see through your agenda of brainwashing... I myself cannot get my CIM cert with one of those 2 firms mentioned.. To put it bluntly they lie and that was verified when they refused a 3 way call to the TA. Many accounts had shares of CMKX and CIM liquidated by those 2 firms mentioned claiming the stock was worthless. and claiming at times CMKM was no longer in business... We all as shareholders know that is not a true statement. If anything you as an agency should be investigated by Congress for your failure to run an organization on a level playing field without the influence of special interest groups and large financial organizations who fleece the American citizen of their hard earned money. This corruption goes much deeper then the few you accuse in your suit . Look at what is happening to the DECLINING value of the American Dollar.. We have become slaves to the very people who we pay tax dollars to protect us.. We have become debtors to your protection of special interest groups all the way up to hedge funds and Banks that hide IOU's as derivatives that they never pay back... Its just saved for the shredder when a cover up is completed.. Some say a few good people are protecting us and hopefully there a few good people in the system that will turn this around. American Investors are losing confidence in the Markets and God help us all if the same protocol continues to protect the system at all costs including cover-ups and not the American investor for it is bound for economic catastrophe and all will be lost.. Come on SEC the volume in CMKX was generated by two respected individuals Roger Glen AND Robert Mahue.. Yes the stock was pumped but it would have been futile if not for the involvement of both of these Men Fact is after the hiring of Roger Glen the race circuit and pump began.. Let us all not forget it was Roger Glens opinion letter that increased the Authorized from 500 billion to 800 billion yet he was never mentioned in your suit.. What about Robert Mahues statements in Prs and 8ks.. The News media should convey the real truth but seems to have been controlled. Many know the truth and many shareholders and others are well aware of the suit that is full of holes... And let me add a few more things here. Are you familiar with Donald Stocklein-Lawyer who has wrote numerous legal commentary on multiple proposed SEC Regs. ? I know you know who he is, because the SEC site has numerous evidence of all people involved with cmkm diamonds. WHY DID THE SEC CREATE ANTI-FRAUD REGULATION FOR NAKED SHORTING COMPANY STOCK, IF THERE IS NO COMPANY THAT IS NAKED SHORTED . IT MAKES NO SENSE SEC HAS NOT ANNOUNCED ONE COMPANY THAT HAS BEEN NSS'D SO WHY HAVE THIS REGULATION ? IT MUST HAVE HAPPENED, Do Your Job Will You.... Also, realize that I am an injured shareholder, along with my 40,000 + fellow cmkm diamonds shareholders. I will expect hearing from The Office of Collections and Distributions you announced in a PR, to have injured shareholders re-inbursed for being ripped off under your watch. Also, when will the DTC and DTCC be held accountable for their illicit activites approving the selling and buying of fails to deliver shares to brokerages and Real Indiviual Investors. And yes, many of us totally find it re-pulsive for any present or former SEC Commissioner to call the average American Investor stupid for trying to make a profit on the stocks we buy. Is there another reason for buying stocks, I guess only if your on the other side of investing shorting. The American People are Not as Stupid as your polls show LOL.