Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Raquel Escudero

March 18, 2008

SEC needs to assign penalties on FTD's. The penalties can be fair, its not to make money on it, but to dissuade the practice. Look at some of these stocks always on the current list and sometimes it looks like it is promoting the practice to manipulate certain stock prices illegally. What good is it just reclassifying something if nothing else is done, add penalties and actions to be taken and systematically do this. People abusing the law should loose there trader licenses just like doctors and lawyers have to if they abuse their important positions of trust, etc.

Many investors recognize and appreciate recent actions on SEC on curbing FTD abuse. Removing FTDs removes head of a bad snake. We need continued regulation and leadership by SEC here. Please continue to uphold your important position of trust. We are counting on you and appreciate your services