Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Bob Smith

March 18, 2008


Novastar had 4million FTDs and 9million shares issued and outstanding.

Tell me SEC- was this a clerical error- perhaps some lost certs?

The SEC as an organization is utterly worthless
Hedge funds that intentionally fail to deliver shares in order to destroy share prices and market caps- must love you.

How could you miss 4million FTDs or 50% of the issued and outstanding in one stock
I have some choices here
Either the SEC is:

A- Stupid
B- Inept
C- Colluding with criminals
D- Ignorant

Now I believe the answer is one of the above.
Many of the above.
All of the above.

I would tell you to- Do Your Job- but it seems your job is to aid and abed Hedge funds while they steal hundreds of billions from pension funds, 401ks and middle class American investors across the entire country.

Yes hedge funds create counterfeit stock, they intentionally fail to deliver- they naked short companies to death- and while they do this- they are stealing from millions of hard working Americans

You –the SEC- disgust me