Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Darryl L klause
Affiliation: Commercial Construction and Investor

March 29, 2008

I have been the victim of Naked Short selling on many occasions to the tune of some 1/4 million in losses but, only after I became and investor of CMKX did I learn the reason for these valued asset companies stock plumeting to oblivion when they should have increased. It always puzzled me untill I learned how counterfiet electronic stock is created by brokers- then moved around to other crooked accounts untill the company is forced into bankruptcy and the illgained profits are retained with no reprocusions. This practice is nothing less than criminal fraud and should be punishable the same as counterfieting currency. It robs the public of deserved ROI causing enormous negative reprocussions to the small investors which are the backbone of the market.
As a Bonofide investor of CMKM Diamonds, and a paper cert holder of the same, I am sure that history will prove this company to have the largest NSS position ever, in the Trillions. I would urge you to settle this position immediately. The cat is out of the bag-- the Shareholders are outraged-- the World is becomming aware of the total lack of control the SEC has had over this situation. I personally will never invest another penny in any US market. You have allowed and even assited in creating this problem-- now fix it-- before the American public becomes aware how you've allowed them to be ripped off and enslaved. Do not under-estimate the people- Remember how and by whom these great countries were founded- these attributes are still running through our viens-- we will not stand for this abuse and blatent theft. dk