Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Frank Gorshin

March 29, 2008

We think naked shorting is bad. We think Paltalk is good. We think some people may lie on message boards. We think Patrick Byrne should be President. Who are we? A group of concerned citizens joined together in a common cause, to totally screw things up for CMKX shareholders.
Urban "I am not a crook" Cassavant, Carolyn "dryhole" Cassavant, Robert "Castro?, I thought you said castrate" Mahue, Rodger "thumbs up" Glenn, Donald "Duc" Stocklein, Bil and Lefty Frizzell, Keven and Adam West, Andi "top of the" Hill, "Mount Saint" Melvis O'Neal, Entorage "no mine" Mining, Al "bigmouth" Hoges, Sussane "digits" Trimbath, Smelly Dog, Micheal "Snoop DOG" Williams, John "Psycho" Edwards, Ron "Oh Brother" Cassavant, Emerson "Coke" Koch, Corey "Sue Me" Klassen, Steve "No Trust" Oceans, Mark "No Book" Falk, Duhwayne "Dammit" Reaves and others who need to remain anonymous to protect the undercover sting, that absolutely everyone knows about, even the famous Bad "Who Are Those Guys?" Guys.

We petition:
SEC please stop naked short selling for the sake of all mankind.

In closing we would like to thank our therapist, Dr. Makus Sicby, for his continuing efforts to renew our sanity.