Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Kelly Daniels

March 28, 2008

Abolish naked short selling, and uphold the authority you were given by the people and for the people to regulate our markets for the individual investors. Wall street is a big club and I'm not in it, but most individual investors I know have lost all confidence in the SEC to regulate the markets because they believe the SEC is in the back pocket of the wall street frauds, ever changing regulations to their advantage to make a loophole to their profit with your help. I'm asking you today to do the job you were put in place to do and uphold the markets integrity. After the 1929 market crash the SEC was establish to prevent the very circumstances that it is in today, illegal short selling, counterfieting shares, and "naked short selling" only on a broader scale than in 1929. History repeats itself only this time useing different terms and analogies to disguise itself, we are not ignorant to their devises, but you have the authority to make a change for the better for our great nation. Our eyes are on you, do what is lawful and right