Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Richard Collins
Affiliation: Small Business Owner

March 28, 2008

I always wanted to invest in the stock market for many years but knew nothing about it and finally took the plunge in July 2004.I decided that I'll try a couple of small cap companies after reading some exciting PR's from those companies. I was under the impression that companies went public to raise capital for their business and that if I invested in the right companies that have a decent product whether it was mining, medical, or technolgy that I would be safe with my investment. I invested $25,000 in at least 22 small cap companies by May of 2005 and still hold the same companies.

As of today 3-28-08 my account value is $125.00. Thats correct, One Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars worth of stock that has been cellar boxed and is worthless. Something is seriously wrong here I can see if I made a 50 or 75% error in judgement but not one of these securities have yielded me a return and sit idle in my account.This money was not easy to save and was supposed to be my families nest egg

I have read much about naked shorting and feel that this may have happened to me and my account. Guess What? Im not the only one that this happened to. 10s of thousands of shareholders have been damaged and this problem needs to be fixed and us shareholders compensated for damages.

Naked shorting is not the only problem. Pump and dump scams accompanied by forward splits, false PRs and then ultimately reverse splittingvb appears to have been a trend with some companies.No publically traded company should be able to offer dividends, forward split or even reverse splitting without the proper filings, full disclosure nothing less

Thank you for your time although I feel that what I write wont make a difference against big money and the markets.


Damaged/Broke Shareholder