Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: J. Farn, Mr.
Affiliation: Concerned American

March 28, 2008

Mr. Cox,

I need your help. Below are two pieces of correspondence that I sent to Linda Thompson, and Harry Reid, regarding Las Vegas based CMKM Diamonds. Senator's Dodd and Lieberman have been in contact with Ms. Thompson's office regarding the gross level of fraud that has been exacted on so many investors. I know it's not your policy to comment on existing investigations and I am not asking for such. I am asking for your attention to this matter and recognition that we have a MAJOR problem here.

I look forward to talking with you at your earliest convenience.


J. Farn

Dear Ms. Thompson,

Where is your organization with the CMKX debacle? Simply revoking the companys registration was not enough and was very much reactive at best. I would really appreciate some assistance from you folks other than attempting to sweep the matter under the rug with a revocation order well after tremendous damage was exacted on more than 50,000 investors.

I just read this morning that your organization is filing civil charges against George Theodore, former chairman of Infolink. You are charging that he ran a boiler room in Florida that raised 1.05 million from 46 investors. I would surely think that the CMKX situation would warrant more attention from the SEC considering the fact that tens of thousands were defrauded in excess of a quarter of billion dollars. I hope your organizations silence is due to the fact that there is a lengthy, ongoing, investigation involving a multitude of parties.

Joe Lieberman, Richard Blumenthal A.G. Ct., Chris Dodd, Harry Reid, and Catherine Masto A.G. NV. have received this certified mail. Senator Lieberman and Dick Blumenthal have opened investigations into this historic defrauding/fleecing. We await your help.


J. Farn

Letter to Harry Reid

Assistance needed: Nevada - CMKX - 50,000+ Americans defrauded - Naked Short Selling - Pipe Scandal

Good morning Senator Reid,
I am one of an estimated 50,000+ Americans that have become ensnared in one of the largest cases of investment fraud exacted on the American public and the situation involves a company from your home state of Nevada. I have communicated with New York Times (columnist Floyd Norris-Business Editor see article below) representatives from my home state (Joe Lieberman), and representatives from the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) it is the oldest international organization devoted to investor protection. I need your offices assistance in this matter.

This issue involves a company (CMKX) run by a man named Urban Casavant. A few prominent names from Nevada that are/were directly connected with the company are Robert Maheu, Steve Oshins, John Moran, and even former Secretary of State Dean Heller. It appears from Mr. Maheu's company website (Global Intelligence Network), my extensive due diligence, and federal contacts, that Global Intelligence (a Nevada Corporation - formed by Lawrence Casey and Robert Maheu) is in the business of thwarting situations that ironically have plagued 50,000 plus Nevadans/Americans that involved themselves in Las Vegas based CMKX.

The current plight of tens of thousands of Americans involved in this mess is not resolved to date. On the surface, the story appears to involve the defrauding of tens of thousands of investors out of an estimated quarter+ billion dollars. The story has received little national attention to date and the only national correspondent that has begun to go near the debacle is Floyd Norris of the NY Times.

Too many Americans have lost so much due to the egregious and fraudulent actions of many parties including an inept SEC who has sat on their hands and still refuse to remove the "Grandfather Clause to Reg. SHO". Senator Reid, this mess involves the very worst that our country has to offer with regard to the perils of a corrupt market place, the dangers of PIPE transactions and the corruption associated with Naked Short Selling. The SEC's inability to proactively monitor the situation and refusal to revoke the grandfather clause to regulation SHO speaks volumes. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. If you and/or someone from your office can reach out to me I would be happy to provide more information upon request.


J. Farn