Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Paul D Burkett

March 27, 2008

Naked short selling IS AGAINST THE LAW. It's counterfeiting. What would the government do to me if I started counterfeiting money? You know --- pull out the old printing press and begin rolling out a few million dollars in tens or twenties or whatever. The Treasury department would be on me as soon as they possibly could. I would be fined, tried, sentenced and thrown in prison. AND rightfully so. Those laws are spelled out and the penalties as well. "HIGHLIGHT THE SPECIFIC LIABLIY" that would come from this act obviously used to fund terrorism, used to finance crimal activity and used to allow extravagant life styles by many on Wall Street and their cronies. TELL THEM that they WILL go to prison, that they will be fined so heavily they'll be paying for years and years to come and that they WILL provide restitution to all that were affected. Unless of course you are merely tickling the ears of private investors and you intend to take a course of do nothing politics. That you intend to continue to allow Wall Street to rape and pillage legitimate companies, started by honest people looking to build a business and a legacy for themselves. IF you are really wanting to make investing in the United States of America markets a level playing field then spell it out. Tell the criminals whats going to happen to them. Make Rule 10b-21 something that you can sink your teeth in. Do YOUR job. Protect the American investor. When I bought stocks such as CMKX, I trusted that I was already in a protected state, that I was taking a risk based on an honest arrangement. That WAS NOT the case. You can make it the case if you just go after those involved in naked short selling. Allow us a defined playing field.