Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Steve Johnson

March 27, 2008

From my understanding, the SEC is here to protect the investing public from criminals on every level. When did this become the duties of the Commission? Shortly after the crash of 1929 which sparked the Great Depression.

The reason it was created in the first place was because of the rampant fraud, manipulating and illegal activities THAT WE STILL SEE TODAY. What are you guys doing for the investing public? It's obvious that you have a leaning partiality towards the investment bankers/brokers because every time you actually give out a fine, it fails in comparison to the crime. It creates an attitude that "it's the cost of doing business". Rape the public for millions and get fined $50,000. But if I go steal a single ink pen from Wal-mart I go to jail with handcuffs on. Is this fair?

I invested a little over $60,000 in CMKX in 2004. It has been proven to have the highest illegal (naked) counterfeit short in the history of the stock market.

Are you doing an investigation on the company? Kevin West is the current CEO residing in Tyler, Tx. and claims to be ready to assist in any way possible. How about the market makers involvement? Jeffries admitting in writing participating in illegal manipulation of CMKX. Why did the DTCC wash its'hands of holding certificates?

CMKX shareholders NEED answers. Would it help if we get John O'Quinn involved?

Mr. Cox, please be the anti-Joe Kennedy.