Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Larry Licini

March 27, 2008

Naked short selling of securities is, very simply, the counterfeiting of a Security Instrument. This is nothing more or less than someone selling a security they do not have postion of, nor have they borrowed the securities to make their short sale legal.

So now you want to know if we think you should enact yet more rules/laws defining NAKED SHORT SELLING - COURTERFEITING - as a criminal act - STEALING? What the living hell is wrong with you people?

You already have laws and regulations on your Books making thieft of Securities a criminal act. Why do you play these rediculous games with the Citizens of this Republic?

By choosing to not enforce the laws extant, are you not then also guilty of the crimes commited under your "Watch' - crimes you have obviously choosen to ignore? How many of your 'Top Level' people have 'stepped down' in the last two years? And why? WHY?

This Securities thieft has destroyed many hundreds, if not thousands of Companies and ruined God knows how many lives. Have you not yet felt enough shame for your indolent (And here, I'm being kind to you folk.), slothful behavior with regard to enforcing what is already there to enforce.

You really don't need me to remind you that naked short selling robs the investors of their money, in exchange for something that never existed in the first place you knew it before you asked for our opinions - and if somehow you really did not know, you know from all the other posts to you this last week.

For what appears to be once in your life, try to DO YOUR JOB To hell with your never-ending snow-job you seemingly always try to pull on us. For once, for the Love of God, DO YOUR JOB