Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Roger Waynick

March 25, 2008

It is my opinion that "Naked Shorting" of any stock is nothing less than a crime and should be punished as such. It is also my opinion that any regulatory agency who fails to enforce the laws of an organization of which crimes are committed against is equally guilty of the same crime and should be convicted as such and be awarded the same benefits as the guilty. It is my belief that the "naked shorting" still thrives in our markets even after regulation sho.

Making new laws is great....if they are enforced. What level of asurance can we have that the new regulations will be enforced any better than the old ones. Is this just a way to pacify the mulitiues as they, and in my opinion you, steal, or is it a way to regain control of one of America's biggest assets? We will see.

What kind of restitution will be awarded to the thousands of people who started legitimate businesses and lost them to this thievery? They are due their just reward. Just one company, CMKM Diamonds, is rumored and believed to have trillions of shares naked shorted. Will these folks ever receive any roi for their belief and trust and involvement with the stock market?

If you don't enforce the laws, it is my opinion you are just as guilty as the criminals who shorted every share of stock shorted and took away these folks dreams and their and their family's future. I have seen estimates of literally thousands of businesses bankrupted by this. When is enough enough?

Now is the time to do your job and enforce the laws, and convict the criminals. Now is the time to reward those who were wronged.