Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: shawn patrick brandom

March 17, 2008

are you through raping the savings and retirenmnet portfolios of american citizens yet?
it is time to stop messing around and actually do your jobs no more delays no more comment periods.
you know what the problem is you know who the problem makers are
you know what to do.
fix the dad gum problem and do it today.
thanks to your inaction and lack of resonable enforcement
my family is in bankruptcy.
i bought shares in a company and when it made money i was told i cannot sell it because i do not own the shares that i bought.
thanks to you and your blind eye to justice i lost over 150,000.00 dollars
i know chump change to the likes of you but it was all i had.
i fully expect you to send me a check in the amount of at least 20 million no less.
you have caused us so much harm and destroyed our lives.
i am in therapy due to this horrific crime committed upon my family.
i am ashamed to think you call yourselves an enforcement agency.
your enforcement measures amount to the cost of doing business on wall street.
no more
we the people are pissed off
you got that?
i want my money and then some.