Subject: File No. S7-08-08
From: Harry Hill

March 24, 2008

Do not allow NSS in any form. That said how could one possibly regulate or police NSS without NSS generating loopholes under any new method of trading. The consequence of NSS should be the equivalent of counterfeiting money there is no difference.

Better yet - do away with stock shorting of any kind. That will require all participants to only invest in tangible assets, not schemes based on counterfeit shares. Do away with the three day settlement. Make it immediate. With today's computer technology it is easily possible to immediately match up a Buy with a Sell, if a marketable share is available. That way the price will always be based on Supply versus Demand. If a person wants it badly enough then they will be willing to pay the price it takes to obtain a share.

Also, if Short Selling is allowed to continue, ensure its trading is done only in the high risk markets such as options. The intentions are to place those traders in a world where their Short trading does not influence the true market position of any existing active company in the domestic stock market. Perhaps restricting the Short Markets would establish a precedence for world markets and a path for new investors to follow with their new money.