Subject: File No. S7-08-08
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Affiliation: Injured Shareholder of NSS

March 24, 2008

A David and Goliath Battle: Shareholders Group Wins Over SEC Demands 4/21/2005 5:50PM CST TYLER TEXAS, Apr 21, 2005 (From CMKX Owners Group) In the classic David and Goliath battle, a rapidly growing number of stockholders known as the CMKX Owners Group, stockholders owning stock in a mining and exploration company called CMKM Diamonds Inc., have possibly become the first stockholders group ever allowed to intervene in a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Administrative Hearing. The SEC enforcement division urged denial of the Owners Group motion to intervene regarding the scheduled CMKM Diamonds, Inc., hearing, however, the Law Judge overruled the SEC and granted the Groups right to intervene.
The CMKX Owners Groups was started by a single CMKX shareholder with the goal of securing as many members as possible, with the purpose to show solid support for its company to the SEC and demonstrate that shareholders consider the SEC actions against the company as harmful to shareholder value and company success. Last week, Chief Administrative Law Judge, Brenda P. Murray, ruled in favor of the CMKX Owners Group, and against the SEC Enforcement Division, allowing the Group to intervene and be represented by attorney Bill Frizzell, at the SEC Administrative Hearing set for May 10, 2005, in Los Angeles, California.On April 6, 2005, Mr. Frizzell filed a Motion for Leave with the court requesting third party participation in the SEC Administrative Hearing against CMKX. Mr. Frizzell was successful in obtaining third party intervention at the dismay of the SEC enforcement division, and will be representing a minimum of over thirteen-hundred shareholders controlling in excess of 110 billion shares of CMKX stock.
The CMKX Owners Group is the fastest growing shareholder group in the nation. In the last three-weeks, the Groups membership has grown from one member to over thirteen-hundred members and the numbers are increasing daily in an effort to show support for the company. What is most interesting, the Group is not forming to attack its company--as most shareholder groups do--it has formed to assure its company is represented fully and fairly by showing a solid shareholder base for the upcoming SEC Administrative Hearing.
CMKM Diamonds, Inc. has a large and devoted shareholder base that has concerns regarding the timing of the proceedings being brought by the SEC.
How to Join
If you are a CMKM Diamonds, Inc., shareholder, and want more information regarding membership in the CMKX Owners Group, information and membership processing is available at
CMKX Owners Group
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Phone: 903-595-1921 Mr. Cox, can you explain the SEC Position on seemingly not wanting to address the NSS Issue ? I will appreciate your intelligent reasoning thank you.