April 22, 2007

Docket No: 34-55431;[FR Doc: E7-04693];[Page 12861-12899]; Securities: Broker-dealers; financial responsibility rules

Ms. Nancy Morris and committee members -

I do recall you from the PSE and from the Smith Barney branch in Portland.

On this date, February 21, 2007, I am again experiencing and have been experiencing squat-in cellular, projecting boom mike and similar technological means of ritual abuse and extortive harassment from false brokers, Richard Matthews banned brokers, Susquehanna, Nationwide, and Nationsbank and Bank of America LaSalle covenant breaches, check launderers and Tyco system obsessives or burglar alarm perps whose crime has mutated into display violence solicitation, d, h, and r, and display check launderers. At the point of each breach in joint and in continuity with in connection with any other tine or extension or extensions of contempt.

I have been accosted using means of torture and rape pornography for the last 21 years from some bizarre Klan relatives and relative poseurs associated with laundering down and diluting down ownership interests in Wheat First and which proceed naturally from formation capital of the separate Butcher and Singer investment bank. I was the third Swarthmore student and vastly the majority and the passive majority in capital. I contacted the Federal Circuit in connection with intervenor and counter-intervenor position regarding pinking off and pinking into management and, where each case applies into reserve accounts dating back to approximately 1977 through the Kendrick-Applegate branch of Merrill Lynch in Portland and Quattrone-Gorsuch branch system of CSFB involving theft from the mails and cultic collection pretexts involving the VA agencies in Westwood in Portland and Charles Kendrick´s fundamendalist relations, as well as larceny and mispayment of subvention, SSA benefit checks, laundering such checks in lots numbering from 1 to 56, certificate destruction, transfer forgery, sale through bank deslipment, mail ownership and mail diversion and ransoming schemes associated with possession of my statements, proxies and dividends, interest, interest-in-kind including exempt and tax-exempt bond interest`and proceeds of California OID adjustment gains and pre-´87 investment and asset adjustments and diversion of gains detected on proceeds through and, later, bankruptcy gains for the various state and US Trustees involving delivering, clearing, and providing electricity to salvagewithin the Arco, Arco Chemical and Boesky firm and syndicate surrenders from 1985 and 1986, and against and from excess Union Carbide funds above discount and other funds from the Aubrey E. Poston Beneficial Accounts bought on subsequent premium from the discount bank brokerage of Wachovia Bank and Trust, of which I am the sole surviving claimant. A long list of certificates within that bank and primarily directs in line of that bank was read to me by an unreliable and offending cult abusive mother who has been harassing with eft and the Werner Erhard and Scientology cults for which I will advise is probably incomplete based on prior inspection on or about 1981. Destripment and destripment around are more detectable when the two meet, and Clarke software can be used to detect capital doubling schemes.

In addition to the cost to myself and the government associated with the live-bait and torture merchanising associated with Macy´s, the City and County of San Francisco, ADT, Tyco F and S, Paramount, Redstone Organization and Weiden and Kennedy ritual abuse, Time Warner, the American public has had to suffer a disentrenchment from its values, an embroilment of its livelihood, and open political torture identical in means as warty sickos from perversions of Catholicism, Judaism, fundamentalism, and patriotism have attempted to wane out and pervert our values as well as my assets.

I strongly encourage you to further strengthen Rule 15c3-3 and all other reporting rules to protect what is left of the male public as well as the entire from account sadism and to require retroactive reporting of all dissatisfied accounts from securities dealers and all transfer actions and guaranteed immediate enforcement of access to surveillance for each dealer holding accounts from other dealers or claiming to own reserves traced to stolen and misrenamed and unauthorized securities sales. This and the local government´s complicity and rationalizations for only aiding NWNG management, state attorneys, and others as well as Penncentrism has vastly compensated my efforts, whatever their effect, to compensate the victims of a still more emboldened AstroPower state law corp and Enron perpetrator.

I have advised the Portland IPRB regarding theft of and am claiming and claiming through the FRB and SEC in active session all proceeds of trust distributions transferred into Kendrick and Merrill and best plaintiff defense of penalties and accounts of A E Poston, N K Poston, and Carlton, Harriet, Banks, Elizabeth, Cleo and Angela Poston. A real cult sicko relative of Bruce Malis is apparently responsible for nightmare reflection torture. Kendrick´s Merrill branch has been DNCd since I was 10 years old and has yet to settle its trading on my certificates. I had an abysmal experience of Portland and Philadelphia mafia terrorism because of Portland Foss and Campbell relative and Valley ritual cases Andrew Wiederhorn attempting to cover up and rub in hate crimes involving the formation of Susan Rutsen-Meier´s brokerage, as well as stalking by Julie Tripp´s relatives, whose mother´s law firm at Southwest 11th and Columbia had endeavored to protect my survivors´ and other social security benefits from the addicted Klan relatives. Total sicko family relations practitioners have been hired to squander these benefits in what is wholly forced codependency for 12 years. I have not reached any agreement with them and owe them nothing for inflicting their addict behavior or Matrociel paraphernalia treatment. It may require the Merrill accomplice Providence healthcare and other totalizing takings from the OHP and mass extortion motives which exactly graduated from insufficiently punished gun attacks on my person from then-orderly John Kitzhaber and Kirkman relatives associated with the Anne Arundel firm and Citron disaster management.

I was shocked to find about 1999 that Pat McNamara was, without authorization, in possession of my mails, certificates, and account statements. McNamara has primarily been an alcoholic policeman and activist and was involved as a perp witness to a Grant HS party ether rape. I have never bought any annuity, insurance vehicle, nor bestowed any asset as a gift. I do not open discretion accounts and do not offer relatives any say or portion. No part of my trust is blind. The methods of organization are typical of Werner Erhard racket fronts. I will emphasize again that the innocent trust outputs I invested in what became Wheat First, Citibank, Citigroup, and Travelers as well as Kendrick certificates stolen on output, and what is now a national concern as well as the trading losses to myself in DAOC are on similar scale with the West Coast economy. I would suspect that as Swarthmore alumni, that Covarrubius and Kohlberg were able to reason parallel and find the prior assets more readily, and then reinvest them under other names, much like contemporary seizure pimp deals. I recall hearing of such a scandal as I entered New York Penn Station from New Jersey Transit in 1988 and around the ruins near Biddle Law Library of Drexel Burnham of the deductions transferred from Simpson, Bartlett and Thacher released from the Boesky litigation. The rest should perform as well and from as poorly as firm capital. A preliminary mail bust found that mercenary pay crime mail and character attacks archetypal of Scientology was certainly not at any official site, but at the homes of 701 Washington pimps, at Jewish revenge organizations such as the Washington Blvd. chabad and Bet Tzedek, and through those organizations the beach real estate schemes and VA bloating and oppression and deprivation for hire schemes woefully misdirected from Westwood and pay crime with my own funds.

Thank you for you assistance in locating my accounts,

David Michael Bishop

Even as I write, some sick sadist is attempting to kidnap me across international lines and force me into slavery and coslavery and brag her UA transfer of assets into UMC, tithe extortionists such as the First Baptist of Chula Vista and Portland. Counterbaiting Tsvetaeva is not remotely funny, and I am sick of these freaks stealing my benefits as a disabled veteran and laundering them into some toot and Klan show in North Portland. The government primarily has tried to run up investigative expenses and thus pass victim assets into co-cultists from Vicki Maturo´s family. I have twice been sexually mutilated by some Matrociel idiocy coverup. As I understand it, live-bait torture by the biker gangs who killed Kerouac and have made securities ownership on the West Coast difficult for everyone who has to rise twice is more or less continuous on behalf of some hangers-in from Multnomah Monthly Meeting.