Subject: File No. S7-08-07
From: Robert Fournier

January 24, 2013

THIS PROPOSAL BEGINS TO RESOLVE SOME OF THE EGREGIOUS BUSINESS PRACTICES WHICH HAVE BECOME COMMON IN OUR SOCIETY DURING THE LAST 20-30 YEARS. Corporations have been abusing the fiduciary system in ways that should be basically illegal, and are quite usurious in nature. The general public has been saddled with excessive credit card interest rates and ATM card fees. Many normal business practices have fallen by the wayside, as corporations apparently seek to maximize their profits at the expense of the common man. Secret stock trading by large brokerages, unintelligible arbitrage trading, insider trading, and the churning of individual investment accounts to generate profit for the corporations at the expense of the average investor have weakened our economy by taking funds from the middle, and lower upper classes, into the hands of the highly wealthy, where it tends to fall out of circulation. Yet, prices keep rising, while the assets and spendable income of the middle class and lower upper class grow smaller at the manipulative hands of the corporations. These actions in these measures and regulations are sorely needed to correct a small portion of the greedy activities of the corporations and the expense of the average person. Thank you for passing these new and very fair regulations. Please continue to make strides in leveling the playing field for the average person relative to the sinfully greedy corporations.