Subject: File No. S7-07-19
From: Yolanda Lewis

June 23, 2019

Prior to determinations related to every regulated security based swap activity including OTC derivatives domestic and foreign, a change in policy requiring evidence that there is a valid underlying security agreement for every certificate-less bonds traded on SEC regulated platforms.

In addition, the SEC ought to immediately correct failures that systematically endanger registered Employees' Securities Companies, by restraint of trade and maladministration to issues where restricted securities are illegally traded by insider entities trading certificate-less securities.

Immediate intervention is required to prevent further criminal financial organized acts by foreign agents committing economic espionage against Native Civilians to the several States of the American Union, registered Employees' Securities Companies.

The following short list of actions have been documented as patterns for regulated financial criminal networks that embezzle, launder, and unlawfully convert assets of registered Employees' Securities Companies in violation of the law.

The Racketeering Schemes consist of counterfeit agreements, and deceptive forms substituted in place of a valid security agreement, such as credit applications. These practices violate regulation Z and are institutionalized as common practice and custom for registered entities and their direct affiliates subjecting every participant to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Act to punish frauds committed on the Bank of the United States - Session II Section 61(1797-1798)
for crimes not limited to:

Utter or publish, as true, any false, altered, forged or counterfeited bill or note issued by order of the president, directors and company of the Bank of the United States, and signed by the president, and countersigned by the cashier thereof, or any order or check on the said cashier or corporation, for the payment of money, with intention to defraud the said corporation, or any other body politic or person, knowing the same to be falsely altered, forged or counterfeited, every such person shall be deemed and adjudged guilty of felony, and being thereof convicted, according to the due course of law, shall be sentenced to be imprisoned and kept at hard labour for a period not less than three years, nor more than ten years, or shall be imprisoned not exceeding ten years, and fined not exceeding five thousand dollars.

The fact that EVERY certificate-less bond is traded as security based swap is an example of the continuing securities fraud that must be addressed. Every registered firm is in possession of stolen property, guilty of interstate commercial trafficking and identity theft without possession of mandatory the underlying security agreement.

Aiding, abetting and or rescue of any entity by regulatory entities with charge to ensure the laws are followed is an accessory. Under criminal law, an aider and abettor party to a crime will be criminally liable as a principal, an accessory before the fact, or an accessory after the fact.

Upon registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission, every Employees' Securities Company ought to be recognized as an Agency, department, or establishment of the Government, defined in OMB Circular A-11.

Failure to ensure that every certificate-less offering doesn't contain security interests issued by a registered Employees' Securities Company, that every issue contains an underlying security agreement to obtain the security interest, and the right to securities and collect payments has been lawfully obtained from the original issuer to American Depositary Receipts, constitutes open public declaration of war on the creditors to the United States, protected by registration under the 1940 Investment Company Act. These acts of war expand beyond: Illegal insider trading, unlawful conversion of outstanding cash equivalents, use of counterfeit access devices, extortion by fraudulent installment contracts, restraint of tade and theft of restricted funds.

The SEC cannot continue to allow laundering of unregistered funds from down stream affiliates through blank endorsement signature and identity theft to illegally place the assets on the up stream foreign entities books, that steal obligations of the United States without reporting truths to facts related to the underlying securities.