Subject: File No. S7-07-18
From: Michael Kulis

April 20, 2018

Creating a fiduciary standard, and enforcing such a standard is in the best interest of all citizens. We live in an age where the average 20-30 year old does not even have sufficient emergency funds to handle three months of expenses. We also lack a required curriculum in schools that teaches financial and long term monetary goals. When you seek out advice, that advice should not be allowed to also add a additional issue of conflict of interest.

A law and standard needs to be created to protect our citizens, and their future retirement goals. Social security is said to be the "Third Rail" of politics, and a issue many politicians fear to even discuss openly. While fixing social security may be a distant issue, let us not pass up a easy solution to the health of individual financial security.

We have a grand opportunity to chart a new course in advisory requirements. I for one hope it can be achieved and everyone will benefit from regulated fiduciary advisors.

Thank you