Subject: File Number S7-07-18
From: Shelley L. Iverson
Affiliation: Iverson Wealth Management

July 19, 2018

To:  The SEC

1.       It is my opinion the most egregious actions taken by financial service sales people is in the annuity sales arena.   The rule on which you are working now is hinging on giving advice in the best interest of the client.  This should be a given and it is hard to regulate ethics.  The annuity sales behemoth machine pays high commissions and confuses every client with whom I’ve ever encountered who owns one.  Please do not overlook this massive disservice to our investing public.   
2.      The confusion the public  has over RIA, commissioned broker or hybrid is not solved with this ethics rule. 
3.      I support the best interest effort.   To catch the bad guys, I think you really need to be more specific about the reps being 100% transparent and clear about how they are being paid and how the client is being charged UPFRONT.  Your flowery lingo isn’t going to get this out in the open. Let me know if I can help at all.

Thank you, Shelley L. Iverson
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Shelley L. Iverson

Iverson Wealth Management