Subject: File Number S7-07-18: Stop financial advisers from sapping Americans' retirement savings
From: Bobby L. Murphy

Jun. 22, 2018

Jun 22, 2018

Securities and Exchange Commission

To the and Exchange Commission,

***Dear Congressional Representatives It's a very sad thing  that we
the citizens of our Great United States Of America, and just
significantly as applies to we the Seniors of Our Nation, who've
toiled, worked and struggled to put together a little Savings, and
investments; as it were and then run into shenanigans such as Wall
Street Brokers, Big Banks, and Credit Unions and assorted other
Financial Managers put us through in efforts; it seems to relieve us of
the little financial resources we do manage to accumulate.  We need
this stopped!  And, we're herein/hereby asking that you PUSH with all
your Legislative Might to henceforth insure that legislation is in
effect that No Method of Operation Financial Management in in force
that will endanger one's Financial Resources, including Taxes, without
a prior detailed disclosure of at least 60 days.

That disclosure is to include the specific Federal, State and Local
laws and a  name, telephone, email, etc., means of contact with those
governing bodies.

I'm counting on you to make a stronger rule that closes the loophole.
Americans who've worked hard to save for retirement deserve peace of
mind about their financial security.


Mr. Bobby L. Murphy