Subject: File Number S7-07-18: Stop financial advisers from sapping Americans' retirement savings
From: Rhonda Thompson

Jun. 21, 2018

Jun 21, 2018

Securities and Exchange Commission

To the and Exchange Commission,

I have worked hard for 43 years to date. I
Want to enjoy my retirement years as best as I can. I am not looking
for handouts just
To keep my hard earned money to live on.
Please change this loophole that allows seniors to be ripped off.

I'm counting on you to make a stronger rule that closes the loophole.
Americans who've worked hard to save for retirement deserve peace of
mind about their financial security.
Please don't take our hard earned money away from us. It took us a life
time to earn it and we are no longer in our primes to earn it back if
you take it from us. Please be fair.
I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to do this to your parents and
We are simply trying to enjoy what's left of our years after years of
working hard.


Ms. Rhonda Thompson