Subject: File Number S7-07-18: Stop financial advisers from sapping Americans' retirement savings
From: Beth Burnett

Jun. 20, 2018

Jun 20, 2018

Securities and Exchange Commission

To the and Exchange Commission,

I have worked hard and saved up to 15% of my income for my retirement;
only to see a large portion of it melt away due to market activity and
the constant drain of  fees.  I want to know who is going to bail me
out like the banks and brokers?  Why should they get a helping hand and
still as individuals get paid the huge sums of money they get as either
income or bonuses?  How much did their pocketbooks suffer?  Perhaps
they should have had to pay at least the bonuses back.

Enough of that; financial advisors MUST be held to a high standard of
conduct.  They claim to know how to help the public save for
retirement, but all too often their primary purpose is to bolster their
own income as well as their company's best interests.  Anyone providing
financial advice MUST put the clients needs first.  I do not know the
best approach but the current situation is untenable.  We are pushing
individuals to provide for themselves but without any reliable
assistance or education.  And with a well-organized, deep-pocketed
group determined to get their hands on as much of our money for
themselves as they can.  Not right, not good, not fair.  It must be

I'm counting on you to make a stronger rule that closes the loophole.
Americans who've worked hard to save for retirement deserve peace of
mind about their financial security.


Ms. Beth Burnett