Subject: File Number S7-07-18: Stop financial advisers from sapping Americans' retirement savings
From: Barbara Riggio

May 31, 2018

Securities and Exchange Commission

To the and Exchange Commission,

Seniors are a growing block of disadvantaged citizens
This group comes from the "radical 60s" -- citizens who are intelligent
and proactive
Currently our security is in severe jeopardy as the administration
continues to remove safety legislation regarding the air and water and
earth as a whole. Top that with the removal of protective legislation
concerning our financial institutions and financial advisors.
Currently we are in a very trepidatious time created by our
legislature. Please help.
Today I received a cable bill that increased from $108/mo to
$152/monthly. So I now no longer have cable service. Simply put, food
"trumps" tv. Yes, "trumps" as in our Administration serves only white
wealthy citizenry. It doesn't even serve the 30% who voted for Trump.

I'm counting on you to make a stronger rule that closes the loophole.
Americans who've worked hard to save for retirement deserve peace of
mind about their financial security.
Soon seniors and minorities will become the largest block of voters.
And in that position, the wisdom and compassion gained through our
years will displace all the self-centered egotistical politicians and
lobbyists with people of good morals. Our legislators now lack morals
and fortitude and simply do NOTHING except benefit themselves.


Ms. Barbara Riggio