Subject: File No. S7-07-16
From: Gerard (bart) F Barlow, III
Affiliation: Collaborator and Professional Bumbler

June 15, 2016

I'm always behind
Rulemaking is never any fun... that's why it's "rule making'.
anyway, hope you get my humor... and to the point which is,

This is an incentive proposal. everybody likes money, we do stuff with it. but how to reward for this particular proposal.?

Break it down. I know it's more work, but why are we doing this? for the people, so they know thier money is safe and they feel comfortable that they are not sitting across from some [redacted] trying to rip them off. if this was my mom or Grammie... I'd be a little upset, to say the least.

just keep that in mind, give your self some focus...

break it down... that means for each compliant step thaty is met... EASY MONEY make this a no brainer, yes qualified individuals will be doing this, but the point here is to regain trust. I didn't betray them, but i might as well in their eyes. so above and beyond the clients Expectations we will go.

But in another area that may be benifical, instead of shelling out bucks, give tax breaks. a slightly lower tax percentage... cuts on loan payments... or the holding corp forgives a monthly intrest payment...

there's something to kick around