Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Sean Bearly

November 7, 2013

Securities Exchange Commission

Dear Commission,


As an investor, I am writing to express my opinion that it is none of the SEC's business how much CEOs get paid in comparison to other workers in a company.

As a member of LIUNA I am tired of my union constantly getting in the way of companies that are trying to make money. According to unions the only people that should be able to make all the money they want are union members and union bosses.

I believe the reforms put in place by Dodd-Frank, though well-intended, get in the way of creating jobs. Government should have nothing to do with business. Government should not make it either easier nor more difficult for companies to do business.

The problem with business is not big salaries, but big government getting in the way.

Thank you.

Sean Bearly


Sean Bearly

Upland, CA