Subject: File No. S7-07-13
From: Sandra Porter

October 26, 2013

Dear Securities and Exchange Commission:

I am an investor in publicly traded companies through my retirement plan and personal savings.

Please enforce the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and require companies to disclose their CEO-to-worker pay ratio.

Pay ratio disclosure is important to the US economy because when compensation is justly applied to both labor and management, we all win. Higher worker wages move the economy more, because workers spend more of their money to purchase goods and services from those who in turn can spend their money to purchase goods and services.

Pay ratio disclosure is important to me, because I want to support companies that support their people and enable workers to earn a living wage without depending on government for assistance.

Lastly,  pay ratio disclosure helps investors evaluate CEO pay levels when voting on executive compensation matters. The ratio of the CEO-to-worker pay is a valuable metric for investors, because it places CEO pay levels into a broader perspective.

High CEO-to-worker pay ratios can have a negative impact on employee morale and productivity. Disclosure of the pay ratios will help the capital markets better allocate capital to those companies that invest in their workforces.


Sandra Porter

North Kingstown, RI